Wow, we have reached the end of 2011. What kind of a year has it been for you? For me it has been a year of growth both personally and in terms of my business. It has been one where I went in building on a plan I had started toward the latter part of 2010 and then built upon even in spite of some changes I had not contemplated happening in 2011. In retrospect, 2011 actually ends up like a lot of years that I have had previously. It’s just now that my perspective has changed in how to use that as a springboard into 2012.

Once we turn into the New Year, I am sure you will see many an article about setting your 2012 goals. New Year’s does that to writers, especially those in self improvement or guidance fields. The New Year is absolutely the perfect time to make new goals and plans, (although I’ve always felt that if for some reason in the middle of July you determine you want to take your life on a new course there is nothing wrong with building a plan from that point). However, this piece will be more on reflecting back, particularly reflecting back on the good or enjoyable that has happened to you over the past year as opposed to focusing on those things that did not go as you wish. My feeling is that by building on what has been working well, you are more likely to address that which you want to accomplish as opposed to focusing your efforts on that which went badly.

The discipline in which I work, coaching, is all built on focusing on moving forward. Yes, you may determine where a belief that governs your way of behaving emerged from your past. One may also be determined to change past behaviors going forward. However, in a coaching relationship the intent is to not become obsessed with the past and berate oneself for what they did wrong or to look to undo what they have done. It is all about building from the present and moving forward. That is why, as you sit here in December of 2011, I’m contending your best way to move into the New Year, especially if you are setting goals for yourself, is to evaluate where you are at present.

For example, when I look at where I end my 2011 I see that I enjoy working with individuals on their career development strategies. I’ve continued to enjoy throughout the year sharing my thoughts in writing through this blog and my monthly newsletter. I’m coming to realize I need to look to expand on promoting that which I am able to offer and in which I am trained by speaking more in front of groups, whether that is in an actual speech or in leading training sessions. I’m looking forward to being the Chapter Leader for the coaching chapter of my state which is part of the International Coaching Federation, and helping to promote the advancement of the coaching discipline for both myself and the fellow coaches who are part of our chapter. I see my networking efforts continue to grow through my weekly networking breakfast meetings, my local Chamber of Commerce, the various coaching functions I attend and through the local transition group I help facilitate through my local library.

Each of you, when you take the time to reflect, will find that you have positive things happening in your life on which to focus. You may want to continue to do those items exactly as you have been at present. With others, you may find the desire to lessen or change your involvement with them, so as to allow yourself more time to focus on new activities you want to introduce into your life. However, by building from the positive, as opposed to obsessing on the negative and those items which are not going as you wish, I believe it gives you more of a chance of moving forward to where you want to be in the coming year.

No matter how you evaluate your 2011, remember the only thing that can really stop you from moving forward is yourself. If you choose to lament the items that did not go the way you wanted in the past year and keep getting drawn back into those decisions, you’re limiting yourself in terms of reaching your full potential. For all those who are kind enough to visit this site and enjoy these posts, the best to you in the coming year and may you continue to keep your focus forward on achieving that which it is you want to accomplish in the coming year.

Author's Bio: 

Tony Calabrese is the founder of Absolute Transitions, LLC. A lifelong New Jersey resident, he has thrived through a series of life changing events over the last several years. Absolute Transitions provides the opportunity for him to share what he has learned with others. Additionally, the last several years have afforded him the opportunity to be a “student of life,” and he knows that will continue by partnering with others as they continue their way on their life’s journey.