Dogs are man’s best friends since time immemorial and in case you are looking for a gift to your dog then the discount dog houses will be a good option. Dog houses are available in a range of materials and shapes. In case you are living in a place where extreme weather conditions prevail, a wooden dog house will be a good choice as it keeps it warm during winter and cool during sweltering summer.

Your dog will be warm and happy even in rainy season as the well-insulated dog house keeps it warm and comfortable. For small dogs, large dog houses are not needed as they will not retain heat during cold weather and make the dog anxious and out of place. An ideal dog house should not be too small or too big and should have enough room for you to clean the house. If you are opting for metal dog house, it will be a good idea to have a small air conditioner unit to keep the animal comfortable in summer.

Readymade dog houses are available at various price ranges. In case you are looking for something unique, you can even build one easily. Make sure that you take the measurements accurately so that your dog will have enough space to stretch out and enjoy a peaceful sleep. A DIY guide will be useful for you to get the basic ideas in building a dog house
Ideally a doghouse should be the height of the dog plus a minimum of 9 inches. Make a frame for the base of your doghouse. Attach a base to your frame, which needs to be secured on firmly to the frame. For added security you can use two layers of plywood. The roof can be straight or slanted and can be made using plain lumber or plywood. The dog house can be painted with a weather resistant paint to extend the life of your dog house.
Be sure you've used durable materials to construct the dog house to make it long lasting and to ensure protection to your pet from gale, snow or rain. Use nontoxic lumber and finishes to ensure the safest materials for your pet. The nails should be properly put so that there are no sharp and exposed edges that could harm your pet.
There should be vents to allow airflow, which will prevent the risk of overheating during summer. The dog house should be kept above the ground level to make sure that water does not seep in during heavy rains. It will also prevent the risk of termites and other pests.

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You can buy dog house online easily along with all the accessories like dog stairs that you may need. In case you are on a budget, opt for discount dog houses, which offer attractive choices at unbeatable prices.