Your long term success online will be very reliant upon your ability to build relationships! Many tend to place too much emphasis on link building strategies in hopes that they can get more traffic from search engines! The problem is these strategies tend to take a while to develop the results you're looking for and this is compounded by how often Google changes its algorithms! As time and 'evolving algorithms' have made more marketers recognize the 'futility' of their efforts, most now focus on popular social networking sites for traffic!

Since most popular social networking sites are now under siege from marketers it's important your approach follows the 8 suggested steps to be most effective!

Focus On Connecting With Others

Forget about promoting any business or products before you've developed a connection with others! This 'hard charging' approach will only serve to get you ignored and labeled as a 'snake oil' salesman nobody wants to associate with! Be yourself and follow those conversations in which you can contribute in a positive manner!

Make a Connection

At some point there will be others who respond to a comment or contribution you made! Remember to keep your tone casual and be polite by acknowledging their recognition of you! You must first develop a bond with people before you can expect to generate any traffic from most of the popular social networking sites!

Develop Relationships

Making acquaintances is one thing but your goal is to develop more of a relationship with people! On most of these sites this can be accomplished by sharing common interests or simply bantering back and forth in a casual manner! To get more traffic from any of the popular social networking sites you must make the conscious effort to put camaraderie before business!

Follow Up

All promises made or requests directed towards you must be followed up on to demonstrate your sincerity and willingness to help! Following up in this way will for the most part go unnoticed but if you fail to do so it can plant the seeds for a reputation you do NOT want!

Offer Help Freely

When you do offer or extend help to others, do so in a cordial manner and with no strings attached! This can and will only further endear you to people helping to plant the necessary seeds that can develop a loyal bond you can use later to get more traffic to your business site!

Promote Tastefully

When you do promote anything to people, represent only high quality products or services and present what you have to offer in a tasteful fashion! Don't be pushy and make your sales pitches in the same manner you made friends, casually!

Deliver As Promised

Offer only what you're willing and/or able to deliver and nothing more! Hype is NOT needed or welcomed by anybody and besides, even if you don't make the sale there will be many other opportunities to do so!

Always Act Professionally

This not only helps keep you out of 'hot' water but it also helps deepen the respect others feel towards you! Only let your 'hair down' if it is freshly shampooed or in other words, even when being casual watch what you say or how you word things so as to avoid being misinterpreted or insulting!

If you have the patience to build relationships at any of the popular social networking sites found online, your on the right track! You see many marketers including yours truly invest probably far too much time in link building strategies that simply do NOT bring results! This is primarily due to all the various algorithm changes the Google overlord tends to make! In order to get more traffic through search engine rankings and results, your efforts must be consistent and effective! Algorithm changes both dilute and delete these efforts forcing marketers to either start all over or find other means to get more traffic! Since popular social networking sites are easy to access and their terms of use are equally easy to understand, they have become the target of 'affection' for many marketing goods and services! Hopefully the 8 suggested steps discussed above will help you more easily and effectively navigate these sites for your business purposes, whatever they may be!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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