Concerned about your bones? And ways to keep bones healthy? You should be. The sooner you start the better. As they say, too, it’s never too late. Your risk for osteoporosis, where your bones become fragile and porous, has a lot to do with the bone mass you’ve developed in your 20s and 30s, and what you’ve done to prevent losing that bone mass later on.

Natural ways to reverse osteoporosis

Bones, like the rest of our body parts, are living material. They’re in a constant state of remodeling, breaking down and building up. While you wouldn’t want to do that to your kitchen or other home reno more than a couple times in your life (been there?), that’s how our bones work.

Interesting tidbit: Physiologists say we create about 11 skeletons over the full course of our lifetimes. So our bodies work hard to keep our bones healthy. There are simple lifestyle changes you can make to reduce bone loss naturally – and it starts with foods for strong bones.
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