Gone are the days when a degree in Biotech meant you had license to enter the laboratory! But with changing times and rapid changes in technology and modern advancements in the domain of Biotech have opened up a plethora of possibilities to explore for the Biotech Jobs Seekers who want to make a dream career in Biotechnology.

Biotech jobs are in demand for the prestigious societal presence and also high earning. There are a host of Biotech Jobs available and each genre requires different kind knowledge and applications. In past biotech degree holders were found only in rigorous research projects and were blamed with least marketability in other sectors. But with the courses like biotechnology MBA, now biotech degree holders are increasingly joining the work forces and bridging the gap between academia with industry.

For Biotech Jobs, one can opt for different kinds of programmes like-certificates, associate, bachelor degree, master degree, PhD and dual degree programs. Online courses and distance learning is available with leading Universities and institutions. Apart from these, students with Biology as one of the subject in 10+2 can choose Biotechnology at their degree level to create a career in biotechnology later.

But before applying for such courses one must cross check and verify the programs and the accreditation of the colleges. Apart from this, different national and state level Engineering colleges provide a B.Tech degree in genetic engineering, which has numerous straits with Biotech and a promising career option.

Also MBBS is an exciting option when you are opting specialization with stem cell reproduction. Molecular cloning and a host of other specializations are worth exploring. The array of career options available for those with a degree in biotech includes:

• Bio-Informatician- About designing developing and applying tools to extract information about biotech procedures
• Scientist- PhD in relevant disciple with years of experience lend you as a project fellow or project scientist in some of very prestigious and rewarding projects
• Consultant- Diagnose loopholes in product planning, procedure to market and its final implementation and help troubleshoot them.
• Industry researcher- Work for biotech companies and help them identify new research areas and come up with significant publication on behalf of them
• Investigator- Both private and government regulatory bodies employ investigators who examine that whether biotech companies are adhering to the laws and codes
• Teaching- Academics is a viable option as schools, colleges, universities often require biotech teacher for their academic activities. Having a Master degree in Bio-Tech helps but for colleges and universities you have to clear NET. PhD is a preferred qualification by reputed universities.

Talking of Bio-tech Jobs, many N.G.Os hire Biotech professionals for their research works relating development in villages. Biotechnology as a career option is on a hike following government’s different programs that underlines intensified research and application of Biotech ideas and concepts. So, if you want a bright and viable career option you should try this ever exciting and challenging terrain of study.

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