When I separated, in 2015, I bought this house from a man living alone who had to sell his house because he did not have the money to pay for it. He had not been able to do all the renovations he would have liked.

Currently, this house was for me a place of peace and a sign of renewal. All hopes were possible, and life remained to come; this was the beginning of a new life. It was two years ago. I worked from home, in the digital and print media, and it was up to me to make this place comfortable, since I was going to spend most of my time there.
I had to make this place my new home or build a new and better life and put all the chances on my side to grow through these awesome changes that were happening in my life.

I undertook some work, including hardwood floors that replaced the 80s marquetery. The floors were in poor condition and there were few decorative elements. The dark color for the new floor was chosen for the heat that emerges, with hues of red brown. A stone wall was added to the fireplace wall to give warmer airs, again, and a half wall of wood was added as well.

Finally, a bar area has been installed in the large lounge area to make you feel good. I placed my spirits in a leather tray and a wood-edge mirror gives a rustic accent to the room and enlarges it at the same time. And here we are in the mood to spend all your time in this piece. Everything gives a timeless and pure result, with noble materials like wood and stone. This piece has been for me the place where I have worked for the last three years and the peaceful setting has brought out all the creative ideas and motivation I needed to keep moving forward.

This house was perfect for me until I met the man of my life and we decided to move in together. This house has brought hope, good news and finally a sign of a better future. It is time for me to leave it to another person who, as I have been, will love passionate projects and will spend a lot of time in this comfortable and cozy house in order to bring to fruition all his projects and, just like me, dream of a better future. And catch him on the way!

Author's Bio: 

With a master’s degree in marketing and working as a copywriter and editor for her own, Veronique has been working in the media field for more than 7 years. Mother of a 9-year-old girl, she undertakes her personal and professional projects with only one goal: never to give up. Perseverance is her highest quality and she loves to share her advice and empowering the people around her.