Like most entrepreneurs, you are always looking for list building ideas. Once your list gets to about 1,000 people, that seems to be the tipping point for your email marketing campaigns to start delivering strong results. One powerful way to grow your list to that point is by creating a podcast series where you interview other experts in your field.

This method offers several advantages to the parties involved.

Benefits for Experts

- It offers the professional being interviewed more exposure to your list and the listeners

- The expert can build her own list if she offers an irresistible free offer at the end of the recording

- The expert gets your stamp of approval or endorsement by the fact that you are interviewing him or her

Benefits for Your Business

- You gain credibility by interviewing the industry expert

- You create valuable content to share with your own list

- You build your list by having the expert share the podcast announcement with her list to get people to register for the series

- You can gain even more exposure with social media announcements encouraging registration for the series

- You can turn the entire series into a product to generate income later

In order to make this list building method work for you, the first thing to keep in mind is the angle for your series. What does your list of prospects and clients need help with? What do they want to know more about? What problems keep them up at night that you might help solve with your podcast series?

Think about the content from the perspective of the listener to get clear on what you can offer that they have a strong need or desire to know. This will also help you create a compelling title to attract more people to your list. The more compelling, the more your prospects will clamor for the information and the bigger your list will grow.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

1. Once you’ve come up with podcast series title and the compelling information you will provide, the next step is to line up the speakers

2. Think about who you already know in your industry who might be a good speaker

3. Do some online research to seek out other potential experts

4. Draft a letter inviting speakers to be part of your podcast series. Give them all the benefits of why this would serve them (not just you)

5. Create a schedule for your series and post a new page on your site for the podcasts

6. Determine which teleconference line you will use to run the program and record the series

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