Commence your business without investing in merchandise/ inventory, packing and shipping. Open a dropship account with us and we will provide you access to the thousands of products available with us, you just need to provide us the details of customers and shipping address, we will deliver the goods directly to the customer. The margin between the cost of item and the price at which you sell becomes your profit.

Dropshipping with shopify clothing dropshippers is very simple and profitable. We at my online fashion store offers the huge range of products. We restock bestselling products twice a week, hundreds of new styles are also being added weekly. All the products at our place are very reasonable priced as our purchasing is directly from manufacture. That assists you in earning handsome profits through drop shipping.

We are one of the best US based dropshippers that offers wide range of products, in all sizes, colours and qualities. You can place orders in bulk as well as small orders are also acceptable. The easy and free return works as a cherry on the cake. After opening the dropship account with us, you just need to visit My Online Fashion Store and mark the goods for re-selling. You can re-sell the product at the prices wholly decided by you. All the complaints with the end users will be entertained by us. The hassle free and free returns and replacements ensures cent percent customer satisfaction.

The major advantage of the dropshipping is the evasion of risks of over stocking or risks involved in returns. Under dropshipping you only need to access our merchandise, the risks of change in fashions, trends, tastes of consumers resulting in over stocking of obsolete items levies on us. We are the wholesalers, hence we do have the capacity to bear all the ups and downs in the market. You only concentrate on re-selling the products and whatever prices you wish.

Drop ship business can jump start your business as well as your career, the latest clothing and fashion collection, that you will access after opening drop ship account with us, will assists you to open your own online fashion empire without investing in merchandise, packing and shipping. The dropshipping agreements, undoubtedly, are legal, acceptable and are gaining fame and popularity everywhere.

We at My Online Fashion Store will assists you to immediately open your online fashion store. Attractive discounts, offers etc are being introduced from time to time. So, what are you waiting for? start your business without taking any risks. Stood up with best US based dropshippers and participate in shopify clothing dropshippers.

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