It is not so easy to walk up to any girl that catches your fancy and grab her, every day we walk into the train, we sit on our desk at work, we board the same taxi with a stunning babe who we thought was pretty but way out of our league. You know those days you come home feeling disgusted, wishing you have said something to her but just that you didn't have the liver to utter a word.

As a matter of fact you simply don't want to say the wrong thing that will practically turn her off.
Most guys that are scared of approaching girls, most guys that just can't walk up to a girl and start up a conversation are just scared of saying the wrong word, they often think they are so pretty and probably seen lots of other handsome guy and they wonder what an ugly looking guy like them got to offer to a pretty girl to get her on his side.

This is all about building yourself confident, how you can shuffle fear of approaching pretty girls all behind you. I used to feel so empty once a pretty girl shows up because I know I would totally screw up the opportunity, most times girls show ravishing interest in me, often they literally make the first impression and expect me to come through for them.

But simply because I lack the flare and essential ingredient needed to keep the conversation going, I turn them off. Now, People that fail with women failed in their mind before they had the first conversation, they failed before they even saw her for the first time. They have this feeling like they are default programmed to keep failing with women.

They have probably concluded that at the end of the day they would end up with any girl that pitied them enough. Guys that fail often with women came into the relationship aiming to please her by all means, they come into the relationship hoping to do whatever she asked hoping that at the end she would have mercy and feel they are loyal and stick with them.

But the news is that pretty girls don't stick with loyal guys, they want some guys with confidence they are always yearning for guys that still have the manly flare within not another woman. First tip; if you want to build your self confidence, if you want to be on top of the game with women you need to start behaving like a real man instead of behaving like another woman who need to capture people's trust and love by offering cheap services.

If you want to improve your self confidence you need to know that it is all in the mind and not what we really think. Inferiority complex is in the mind and not in our mouth, you know; as a man thinks in his heart so is he.

If you want to build your self confidence, like I said - it is all in your mind. You need to put a better price tag on yourself. You are not some low life that is waiting to get picked by any kind of girl who is caring enough, you are an enterprising man, you are the best of your kind, you got brains and I am not just saying it, I am sure, only you can choose where you want to remain in life
Nobody does that for you. Not your color, not your height and not even your looks, only you can choose to start moving and nobody can stop you.

Armed with this kind of positive attitude you can walk up to any girl in the crowd and tell her she is lucky to have the richest guy in American talking to her and by the way, no particular lines of conversation works with women, you just need to say anything confidently and the fire would be lite. You can dangle from politics and argue a little about how you are not the richest man in American.

Then you tell her it is all in the mind, you tell her that anybody who dreams it and work toward it can achieve it, then you tell her that in your world; that you can get whatever you want. Now that is the kind of conversation that spurs women attraction.

OK, you don't walk up to a pretty girl and tell her you are the step son of Bush, that is a black lie but you are communicating and giving her the impression that you have a life ahead of you and women stick with such guys, not the ones that give them the impression that they would like die tomorrow depending on circumstance.

If you want to have self confidence you will need a personality make over, you need to change your thinking to change your image and you need to change that perception of you being less than any man or woman irrespective of your color, origin, race, height or size.

If you stop thinking less of yourself, you would approach the world with more confidence and energy; hence your self confidence is improved.

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