Build muscle now, that is what all aspiring bodybuilders wish to do. They want progress they want to get huge, they wan to look impressive and strong maybe to gain respect from peers, to impress the ladies or maybe to excel in a sport but they all want to build muscle now! Well there are only so many times you can go to the gym pump iron and try to get huge in a week. However there are a great deal of other methods that are very productive that will help you build muscle in the future. Here are just two simple ones:

1) Educate yourself. you will be finding ever increasing numbers of shortcuts towrds your goal if you keep on educating yourself. for example if you thought that lifting weights each day would make you massive you may well go ahead and do that. However a more experienced trainer informed you that it was actually bad for muscle building so you stopped doing it. This then sped up your advancement. You may have kept on doing this if no one had told you it was not correct. This is a very simple example but I am sure there are many things that you are currently doing that restrict your progress. education can speed this process up a great deal. don't believe me, then who readin this trains for longer than 45 minutes per session? Yes, quite a number of people. even a smal amount of muscle building education will reveal that workouts longer than 4 minutes will restrict muscle gain as at this point your body releases a hormone detrimental to muscle building. Consider exactly how much muscle mass you do not have due to the fact that you have been training for over 45 minutes ever since you began weight training. Oh well you are aware of this now and can make better muscle building progress now. Education is the key!

2) Visuailse. This sounds a little strange but believe me if professional athletes use it it is probably worth you giving it a try also.When you perform visualisations you send strong messages to your subconscious mind about exactly how you want your life to turn out. Visualising yourself huge and massive sends these messages to your subconscious. What happens next is that your 'Reticular Activating System' (the part of our brain that makes us notice some things and not others) guides our attention towards the things in our daily life that will assist you attaining your aim of becoming muscular and divert our focus away from things that may restrict our progress. Try visualisation for just one 10 minute period each and everyday and really see your appearance looking and feeling the way you want to with as many details as you can. Concentrate purely on the inner feeling and belief that your goal has been accomplished already. Doing this often will allow a new more positive behaviour pattern to emerge. Some people notice things straight away for others it takes up to thirty days. However your lifestyle will become much more in tune with your new goals of building lean muscle mass and this will all happen naturally.

By doing just these two simple things I can almost guarantee that you will improve your ability to build muscle mass fast. You have nothing to lose so go right ahead and try them out.

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