When a personal trainer first asks a new gym attendee what their goals are, they most often hear replies such as: "Build muscle lose fat", "build muscle then lose", "burn fat build muscle", "build muscle and burn fat". So it seems that most people want to build muscle mass and also at the same time decrease their waistline and body fat percentage. In this article I ask is it really possible to achieve this or is it just a myth sold to you by food supplements and slick advertising agencies?

Is it really possible to increase muscle mass and lose fat simultaneously?

The short answer is 'yes' however not without a great deal of difficulty, calculating calories and discipline but it can be done! In order to build muscle you have to consume extra calories than you burn off during each day leaving you with plenty left to actually build muscle with but not so many as to cause them to be stored as fat. If you don't consume excess calories then you you won't build muscle for sure, with too many extra calories then you may grow some muscle but you will of course add body fat tissue at the same time. The key here is not too eat so many calories that you put on fat but too eat just enough so that you build muscle mass. There are

If you wish to avoid adding fat at the same time as building muscle then you really have to work out your exact calorie requirements and then stick to them. to work out your calorie requirements then use the following simple equation that provides an approximate answer:

Find out your body weight and you percentage body fat e.g. 10% bod fat at 200 pounds in weight.

Workout your lean body mass e.g. 200 pounds taking off the 10% body fat leaves 190.

Take your lean body mass and multiply it by 19 e.g. 190 multiplied by 19 equals = 3610

This is then the amount of calories you approximately need to eat to gain muscle mass provided you are doing effective workouts too. Whilst this is an approximate figure if you consumed 500-1000 extra calories then you would likely make more muscle gains and put on some body fat. this number of course is only an approximate figure and it would be difficult to track the number of calories you consume in a day anyway.

I think you are probably not too thrilled at the prospect of following the above method therefore you may be asking what the alternatives are. The second option comes highly recommended and is what most bodybuilders do. First you build muscle then you lose weight. This is also known as going through a bulking up phase and then going through a cutting phase. This is much simpler to do as in the first phase you basically eat as much quality food as you like. All you need ensure is that you consume more calories than the above figure. This phase would usually last for 3-6 months after which you will likely have put on a good few kilograms in solid muscle and also a few kilos in body fat too. Now you star eating less food and do more cardio work so that you are burning off each day more calories than you are using.

during these few montsh you will be able to focus on burning off the excess fat accumulated and maintaing your muscle mass. So in effect looking at the results over a year you will have built muscle and burnt fat but you will have done it in two separate stages and not at the same time. The long term affect is excatly the same only you use to distinct phases and it is a lot easier to do.

so if you are aiming to burn fat and build muscle then I strongly suggest that you attempt to do so in two separate phases. Expert author Tom Venuto has the entire process and more broken down into simple steps for you, read the 'Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle E-book' Review here for more information on how to build muscle then lose fat.

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