Exactly what is a Superset?

A superset is a combination of two or more weight training exercises done consecutively after one another with no break between them. The exercises should be training opposing muscle groups. For example a set of squats immediately followed by hamstring curlstricep or a set of tricep press downs followed by barbell curls.

Why perform Supersets?

First of all they are more than likely a good break from the routines you may have previously followed. They will provide a new way to trigger muscle growth through the unusual type of stress they provide. When you do away with the rest intervals there is very little chance for you to be put off from your training goals. Also after completing a superset you will probably experience a powerful muscle pump as the muscles are literally being flooded full of oxygenated blood to help keep up with the muscles demands which is a great feeling. Overall they are a great way to build muscle up fast.

Doing supersets prevents you from cooling down to quickly and keeps your heart rate higher creating an almost aerobic workout too. Another top thing about supersets is that they provide you with an edge of excitement, variety and challenge to your training sessions.

What Supersets can I try?

The following combinations are some of my favourite and provide a tough but satisfying workout: Bent bar curl/lying tricep extension, Dumbbell incline press/dumbbell pullover/seated lat row, Leg extension/leg curl/calf raise, Dumbbell alternate curl/overhead tricep extension, Bench press/wide grip pulldown, Chins/dips/rope tuck, Steep dumbbell shoulder press/sidearm lateral raise,

What tips can you give me when doing them?

Well, when you do them be sure to keep good technique. It is all to easy to get carried away with it and start using sloppy form. This is particularly true because you are going to be out of breathe more than you usually would be lifting weights and because you will be switching from one exercise to another very quickly. Keeping to correct lifting technique will ensure that you keep hitting the correct mucsle group and also reduce the chances of injury.

Anything else I should know in order to build muscle now with Supersets?

With the increased intensity of supersets it may be wise to cut the volume slightly and shoot for just a couple of supersets however if your fitness and energy levels are good by all means do more. use a different superset every workout between your normal sets to prevent yourself from becoming worn out.

It should also go without saying that you will have to continue to eat a lot of quality build muscle food, we all know muscle comes from excess calories so keep eating quality foods and also make sure you keep your water intake high. Finally, make sure you do not over train, this is the number one reason for lack of muscle gain along with poor nutrition. Pumping iron twice a week is probably ample for most people and will probably be too musch for hardgainers. Ok then now it is your turn, follow the above guidelines and there is no reason why you shouldn't build muscle up fast with supersets too. I can pretty much garauntee you won't be disappointed!

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