Spending hours in the gym to build muscle up and not making progress? Brilliant news! There is every chance that there is just one reason stopping your from masive gains. this knowledge alone will help you enormously in your attempts to build muscle up. For most begiiner bodybuilders and some intermediate trainers this is a little known secret that will help them immensly.

So what is this unique secret? An amazing new miracle pill or something?

No certainly not. It is something known as Cortisol and has actyually been known about for a long time but its affects are still ignored by some.

What actually is cortisol?

Produced in response to stress placed on the body cortisol is a hormone released by the body throughout the day. Cortisol levels decrease gradually throughout the day from their highest point in the morning.

what precisely is its role?

Well it increases short term memory, helps rid the liver of toxins and helps regulate blood sugar levels. However it can increase blood pressure and reduce bone density if your cortisol levels are excessive, although this is not normal. However it will decrease muscle mass as it promotes the use of muscle as energy and not fat. It is for this reason that bodybuilders should keep their workouts down to an hour at most. After this they will actually be inhibiting their progress not speeding it up!

Here are a few guidelines to ensure that you are not wasting your time trying to build muscle up:

1) limit your cardio workouts, too much cardio causes the body to release cortisol which as explained is not what we need.

2) Try to not consume too much caffeine as this will increase your cortisol levels.

3) Ensure your sessions are kept below one hour. Stay focussed wear headphones if you need to avoid talking to people.

4) Chill out an take it easy as cortisol is produced in response to stres.

5) Consume small frequent meals as infrequent meals make the body assume it is starving and will thus try and use muscle mass as a form of energy before it makes use of fat reserves by releasing more cortisol.

6) Sleep. This is when your cortisol levels are lowest and your muscle building hormones highest so aim for 8 hours if possible.

With those building muscle tips in mind you should be able to give your workouts a great boost and help you to build muscle mass more efficiently.

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