Just as a tree cannot grow with out sufficient water, sunlight and soil no matter what else you give it, to build up muscle your body also has several things that you absolutely must provide it with in order to grow. No amount of fancy exercise equipment, supplement or outfit will allow you to grow muscle if you do not take the following essential steps:

1) Eat big. Some people never really embrace this fact! If you want more muscle it has to be formed from something, it needs to built out of extra calories. If you are not taking on extra calories then your body has nothing to build up muscleswith. One good way to always ensure you are eating enough is to purchase a set of oversized plates and dishes. This way at each meal you are always reminded of your increase need for calories. Five or six meals a day will allow you to easily consume lots of calories for muscle growth.

2) Intense training. If you are not training hard in the gym then your muscles have no reason to increase in size and strength. Give your muscle a reason to grow by working out hard for no longer than 45 minutes. Use the classic mass builders that are multi-joint exercises like: bench presses, deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses. These are the most efficient mass builders preferable over many others.

3) Drink lots of water. Just as your body needs excess amounts of quality calories for to support muscle growth your body also needs water for all of the muscle building reactions to occur. Training of course will also increase your fluid intake needs. Attempt to have a bottle of water to hand throughout the day.

And of course just as you cannot expect a plant to grow if you throw harmful substances and so on on it there are several things you absolutely must not do in order to build up muscles

1) Do not over-train. If you train too much you will decrease your muscles size and not increase it. Why? Following an intense training session your muscles are actually broken down by micro-tears. It then builds itself back up bigger and stronger than previously over the next few days. You will always be unable to grow if you do not allow you muscle sufficient time to recover. Rest is a key factor.

2) Do not stuff your body full of useless calories. Sure you need to get a lot of calories on board to build muscle up but you need quality calories as well. Food like: fish, chicken, potatoes, leafy green vegetables, eggs, pasta, fruit, rice and so on should be the norm. These are all perfect to build muscle up.

3) Never ever quit. What works for one person might not work for you. If you are not making progress change things and experiment with different exercises, a different diet in fact do whatever it takes but never ever give up. Stick to your aim and you can reach it. remember to relax and enjoy the process of building muscle up, you will not turn into Arnie in a few weeks it will take sometime, keep a training diary to track your progress and for motivation.

So ask yourself if you really are adhering to these simple guidelines. If you are not then if you really want to build muscle up then wouldn't now be a good time to change?

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