Stressing your muscles in different ways is one of the keys to continuous and uninterrupted growth to build muscles mass. By completing the same weight training routine again and again your muscles become very familiar with that particular type of stress and little by little the routines ability to trigger muscle growth will lessen. Fortunately there are a few easy things we can do to shake things up a bit build muscles mass and get your muscles growing again.

1) Progressive Overload. Well actually this should be done as a matter of course. You may either keep trying to do more reps or keep increasing the weight. A combination of the two is fine also

2) Giant sets. This method is performed by doing one set of an exercise and the following this up with another exercise that hits that same muscle group. For example, squats followed immediately by leg extensions. You may then break for a couple of minutes and do another a set.

3) A superset is where you do one normal set and then straight afterwards you do another set for that muscles opposing partner muscles. This can create a really good pump in that muscle group. For example, bench press followed by rows, bicep curls followed by tricep extensions.

4) Forced repetitions. On a regular set, instead of failing on the last rep you basically get a friend to asisst you in completing the final rep and then to help you in doing a further 2 or 3 reps. The assistance should mean that you can still only just do it yourself and should be minimal.

5) Negatives. This is when you complete a regular set to failure and then with the assistance of a buddy do another rep but this time you have to lower the weight with no assistance under complete control yourself.

6) Drop set exercises. After doing a regular set to failure lower the weight and do a few more, lower the weight again and do more reps and so on. This is a very intense technique that creates a real burn and can help build muscle mass a great deal.

This is just a start on the different varieties of exercise that can be done to build muscles mass but be warned these can leave you feeling quite sore for the next few days so always ensure that you allow sufficient rest between exercises.

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