Building a blog in many ways is easier than building a website in terms of technical know-how but it takes more time and diligence! Blog posting plays a major role in how much success you experience but when writing content for your site you must also be mindful of other things as well! When you do post updates you always want to do so in a way that will maintain reader satisfaction! Failure to do so means they won't return which is not what you want when trying to develop a loyal following which gives your site staying power! It is therefore prudent when writing content for posting to adhere to the following 3 step guideline so your platform will become a mainstay in your selected niche!


You need to 'ring the bell' on a regular basis and please note I didn't say frequent basis. Your blog posting frequency is a choice entirely up to you and is typically based upon the level of your passion, time availability and other motives such as whether you are blogging to earn an income! Business blogging itself can be a very powerful motivating factor in the frequency with which you do post updates! Whatever schedule you do select try your best to stick with it so readers know what to expect!


Oh yeah, quality will play a very large role in how 'sticky' your platforms becomes for those who land on it! People are 'notified' either through their own search or possibly even a referral from others of your blogging site. The quality of what you offer when they land on your platform is what will determine whether they decide to return or not! In so many words you only have one chance to make a good first impression therefore when writing content be very mindful of its quality! With each new post you can either gain or lose a new reader!


The whole intent behind your blog posting is based upon developing loyal returning readers! The content you post must focus on a particular topic to attract a particular group of readers. When you drift away from the originally intended subject matter your site is based upon people lose interest and you lose readers! You can NOT build up a loyal following by posting 'scatter-shot' information that doesn't maintain it focus on the theme of the site! By doing so you will have a constant turnover in your readership therefore you will always be starting over!

Building a blog takes an ongoing effort which requires you to be writing content quite a bit but there's more to it than just that! Your blog posting needs to maintain the 3 qualities we discussed above in order to keep readers loyal since writing content in this way is how you build a large following! Looking at the qualities reviewed above you can see your efforts will involve more in terms of discipline than difficulty but your time will be required nonetheless! The 3 step guideline suggested above serves to help you post updates in a way consistent with what readers want and by doing so their loyalty will be easier to maintain!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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