You are getting ready to build your dream home. You have the lot purchased. You have the design and plans all done up. You have the contractor hired and the time of year is perfect.

The contractor has many other people lined up to do individual pieces of your home. Experts and their assistants to do everything from drywalling to the electrical. A plumber is lined up as well as an expert in laying the beautiful stone You have picked out for your walkways and ground level decks.

Everything goes extremely well and the house is done. Including the incredible water fountain You chose to go in your front entrance. It is time to live in this home.

Everything is functioning well, at least most things are working well. Maybe one switch in the hallway is a little challenging because You are having difficulty understanding what it actually does. And for some reason You imagined that there might be more water pressure in the showers. Oh and the fact that the fountain in the front entry is not quite as grand as You imagined it could be.

As it is with life. If things are not functioning to their fullest potential then it feels frustrating that things just are not going the way You would like them to or like something is missing.

Just like how You build your dream home the same is needed to build your dreams from a spiritual house. Except for You are the contractor.

That is why we have the ability to connect with our guides, healing master, spiritual surgeons, angels and source directly. They are the experts that support us in our contracting job.

A good foundation is about having the ability to set everything else on it without our house crumbling or even just shifting in damaging ways.

If we bring too much energy and information through without having our foundation, appropriately called grounding, in place we won’t be able to do much with the information, find it frustrating and wearing.

We also want our systems, our plumbing and electrical, set up properly.

Once they are set up it makes sense to have the systems handle what they were put in place for. Your body is an intricately created living mechanism created to receive and channel energy both created and absorbed.

Everything is dynamically energetic and requires the freedom to flow and transform. With the full potential of the systems in your spiritual home realized, this energy can be translated and with discernment become that grand fountain in the front entryway. One only has to open up to the full capacity possible.

You are in control of the energy that flows through your house and You can increase or slow down the energy at any time with techniques and intention.

Same with using your guides. You have to ask. You’re set up to receive information and guidance. But your guides won’t step in to help with out You taking the first step in asking. Just like You need to call your plumbers, electricians, carpenters.

You start out by asking for help, then some things You learn how to do for yourself. You end up having your own tool belt with many tools You can use where ever You are starting from. Maybe You have a thought that there is more You can understand and build upon or possibly You have the design all drawn up and just need to start putting things in place.

Wherever You are in your building/using of your psychic abilities remember that everyone is psychic and has unlimited spiritual potential. It is natural, safe and part of being a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Using your psychic abilities is the quickest way to build your spiritual house, filling it with useful beneficial items and energy that can bring You joy and fulfillment in your life.

Today really is a GREAT time to build on all your dreams with your psychic abilities.

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