Building a great website right the first time means that you'll get lots of traffic not just now, but also in the future. Many people have found out the hard way that cutting corners means that they are cut out of getting traffic. The goal for you should be to create something of worth that will garner you money now, and for years to come.

So, what makes for a successful website?

The key is to give real value to your customers. It's not about trying to make a quick buck, or garnering all the AdSense money that you can. It's definitely not about being a spammer king, or using black hat practices.

You want your site to be one that people will tell their friends and family members about. When this happens, this is when you know that you have created a website that is special.

Why does great content matter?

Content is king, period. If your content isn't good, then no one cares about your site. If you have good content, then people will want to link to you, pass your content around, or even replicate the content. Your content is like a calling card. Make sure that yours is something to be proud of.

Be a friend of Google!

While there have been some slicksters who tried to outsmart Google. And as soon as Google updated the algorithm, these sites found themselves in Google's search engine basement.

All Google ask for, is high quality and relevant content on your site. If you offer this, which you should want to anyway, then you are going to find that Google will reward you with higher rankings.

Make a connection with your visitors.

Building relationships is key for today's blogger and webmaster. They will reward you with links, and with traffic.

You'll build a reputation in your market as well. However, the key is to truly connect with the people in the market. Create your copy as if you are reaching out to real human beings. This way, you'll go from just a small player site, to a real heavy hitting business.

Just don't cut corners.

People keep trying to do this, as if they have nothing else better to do. They create site after site, and nothing works out for them. You might make a little money. But you spend far more money and effort cutting corners, than if you would have just created a high quality site to begin with!

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