Is it possible to build the foundation of a profitable business online without having any products to sell? Well considering that before you can expect to experience any online profits you must first build traffic the need for having a product to sell is not crucial! Now you may think this is much like putting the carriage before the horse but think about what every money making business requires to be profitable! People willing to make a purchase! So let's explore 3 steps you can take to build yourself a money making business without the benefit of having any product to sell!

Create a Relevant Report

To get the ball rolling you'll want to create some type of report that is useful and relevant to the niche you're targeting. This should be simple enough being you already have done research investigating the niche so you can simply use some of those results! This report will be something you offer for free and this will be your first step towards building the foundation of a money making business online! Remember, at this point you still don't have nor do you need a product you can sell!

Capture Names

Armed with a report that focuses on the market you want to work you'll next want to create a squeeze page that advertises your free report! This also should be easy to do since squeeze pages are meant to be brief in text and should not use many if any graphics! This will cut down on the amount of time and effort invested on creating this page which should only 'highlight' nothing more than the benefits your free gift offers! Once this is done it is time for you to build traffic to this page using ads that only speak of the report and its benefits!

Promote to Your List

After you've captured contact information you first want to develop a relationship with subscribers. While doing so you can now either develop a product or service on your own or locate appropriate affiliate products! The key here is you now have direct access to a focused group of potential customers with whom you've already built a relationship! Perhaps you've placed the carriage before the horse here but once you do start to promote both your marketing effectiveness and online profits will be sensational!

In order to establish a profitable business on the internet you must first build traffic and these people must be focused on what you offer! Our discussion above explores how you can actually build traffic and accumulate prospective and focused potential buyers without having a product to sell! Once you have built a list large enough you can then begin to promote goods and services relevant to their interests! In this way you can quickly build a money making business along with repeat customers who'll continue to grow your online profits well into the future!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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