Building a sphere of influence using social media tools and sites online is relatively easy to do if you know how! With all the fall-out from the last round of Google algorithm changes, many feel the best way to be marketing your business is using social media whenever possible! In this way marketers can 'sidestep' many of the issues involved with search engine optimization! The key to 'operating' smoothly within these socially oriented sites is mostly in the approach you take!

Here is a simple 3 step strategy to help you gain more influence, more traffic and therefore more sales using social media!

Ditch the Pitch

Your focus should be to gain the acceptance and confidence of others and NOT to make the quick sale! Maintain a tone of sincere interest in what others have to say and absorb this information for use in ongoing conversations! You must first be accepted by others before you can begin to try and gain more influence within the community! Demonstrate you're there to contribute and even entertain but don't 'push' business!

Check Your Facts

This of course 'implies' that you need to check the accuracy of any claims or news you may present before going public with them! False claims or inaccurate information will only tend to relegate you to the category of irrelevancy! On the other hand being a dependable source of accurate information helps boost your credibility thus giving you more influence within the community!

Always Add Value

Suggest or offer feelings, opinions and/or perspectives that will add value to the information you're presenting! What you're aiming to do is to provoke thought and therefore create a bit of a buzz! Getting people to 'stretch' their thinking in a way they hadn't considered before is a great way to make an impression! The uniqueness of your opinions or insights will really help you stand out and be noticed provided they make sense in a 'logical' type of way! In others words explain why you feel the way you do!

Cultivating a sphere of influence using social media online is a very effective strategy for marketing your business! Suffice is to say the viral potential of this approach is staggering but the key for you is to first gain more influence with members of these sites! The 3 step strategy reviewed above is intended to help you 'ease' yourself into a position of more influence and/or authority without being obvious or pushy! Once you've got the attention of others and they value what it is that you contribute, you'll find marketing your business to be more fun while getting better results as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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