Today I want to put aside all business and get serious. Yes, there is something I'd like to share with all of you. I know next words are important for developing a inner peace and a steady, stable playground to achieve good motivation for living, working and succeeding.

Gain inner peace and live a strong life. At first, to gain a peaceful state of mind, one needs to have a look at ones inner self. One needs to learn to know the inner ability for relaxing, inner strength and learn to accept their self as they are.
To learn to know one self, one should at first loosen up in total. One should learn how to push all distress and heavy thoughts from one’s mind. This could take place on a sofa (don’t get too comfy, or you’ll fall asleep), all noises, ballyhoo and bad mood needs to be shut out. This is best to do when one is home alone. Some likes to open a window and listen to the birds, some like to turn on classical music low to the background and some like to listen to the silence. You pick up your own favorite. Try to focus on yourself, small-talk with yourself. Ask yourself what’s bothering your mind, and make a conversation with yourself how to resolve the matter. Tell your inner self, why you like yourself. Tell your inner that you are ready to confront things and grow!

To live a peaceful life in total harmony with your inner self can feel like a hard struggle sometimes.To gain a quality life with strong inner life could be achieved in three steps: learn to know yourself, work with yourself and enjoy your new personality!

How to learn to know yourself and work with it?
One very important thing is to learn how to know oneself and recognize mistakes and accept errors one has done. This is important because if one has an artificial mantle clothed on, it is reflected outwards, and response back will be similar, sometimes even multiplexed.
It is also a very important to live independently and take responsibility for your life. Are you constantly looking for approval from others? One don´t need to perform in the eyes of others. No, everyone should control their own mind independently. Don´t let anybody else take control over you. If things go badly wrong, it is you alone who have to take responsibility of your actions in the end anyway.
Are there things one has postponed? In good or bad, ask yourself: is there something you want? Are there unsolved problems that you have postponed? Why are you always postponing things, when it comes to facing them and dealing with them?

It is said that people are comfort-seeking and likes to take the easiest way. True, but not acceptable. They probably don´t want to face problems because it could require effort and it´s “good bye” to convenience life. One needs to understand that it is ok to make mistakes, as long as one learns from them and don´t repeat it. If there is something bothering, one should think deep in the case and consider what have caused it. What could have been done differently and is there someone else to blame at all, or could it have been “me” to blame in the end anyway?

When you find out that you are not a perfect person, as no one on this earth is, you’ll feel equal with others. Learn how to be open to criticism, and how to deal with it. Criticism is one good thing that can guide us forward. Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt, if one stood in front of a mirror and learned to deal with self-criticism. Growth to a complete human being starts with your inner self! Try to achieve a harmony with yourself and others, become one with yourself and others! This is the only way to gain peace!

When you have found yourself, take the next step. Open your mind and learn to listen to others too. Listen, learn and concur! One can always listen to others, even if one doesn’t agree on things. This is how you learn to live among others and respect other as they are. After all, we all are different from each other!
When you have recognized, you have done something wrong, don’t be sad because of it. No, learn from your mistakes! Don’t repeat them! One good thing to keep in mind: if there is something bothering you, take care of immediately, don’t pile up it on your back. If there is a Hugh pile of unfinished things on your mind, you’ll find yourself bitter at the end.
Remember, you alone can take care of your mind! No one is there to help you with that “tricky inner self” of yours! Learn how to love yourself, because only after that you can truly love others altruistically! You’ll see how your life changes when you find yourself and your peace! Try! After all, what do you have to lose?

Enjoy your new personality!
You have reached a very high grade in your life. What did it take? Only a look into yourself! Was it easy? No, and it shouldn´t have been. This is the only way to learn and overcome. If you don´t feel better after reviewing and healing, you just are not there yet, something still needs to be done, or something needs to happen.

“Strong personality’s gets birth from the pain, one of the biggest personalities are all covered with scar tissue”.

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I have been spending a lots of time reading, learning and trying to take words from this article into real life. I believe strongly we all should do this kind of thinking daily. Maybe a bit here and a bit there, some words, some sentences, literally put them alive and live by them. Stop for a moment and listen to yourself, takethe step to improve yourself...!

This is not a "totally fresh" article. It was posted on Helium back in 2009. But this is one of my articles that got stuck to my mind.. I remember when I wrote fingers just jumped on the keyboard and when I was done, I felt like I had ran around the world in 8,1 seconds.