When publishing a blog post always remember your objective is to build both credibility and reader loyalty! People are instinctively drawn to anything that will benefit them therefore when writing content always aim to make it useful or thought provoking! Building a blog requires that you produce interesting reading material in order to attract and retain visitors both new and old!

Here are 5 things you want to be mindful of when writing content as a blogger that will help increase reader enjoyment along with your credibility!

Useful Facts or Insights

The very first step must always involve offering reading material that is factually based! Along with that it also needs to be relevant and is always helpful if it is timely as well! If you have any personal opinions or insights you can add, viewers will likely find it useful, interesting or otherwise thought provoking!

Images That Depict Topic

The use of video or images helps address the need of those who absorb information more easily through the help of visual aids! In fact images also serve to give people a place where they can 'rest' their eyes and is something you want to keep in mind when writing content for blogs! These images work best when they offer some type of relevance to the subject matter within which they are placed!

Personal Experience

Whenever you can share a personal experience that relates to the reading material you are offering it becomes easier to engage viewers! This tends to give you more credibility due to the experience you share! In addition your own delivery is typically a little more 'folksy' since you're reliving an experience therefore you're able to make a stronger connection with people!

Information Flows Smoothly

When building a blog one thing you always want to keep in mind is to present your reading material in an orderly and logical fashion! You want to inform or even entertain your viewers but you do NOT want to challenge them when they are trying to understand what you're attempting to communicate! Always aim to make it an easy read for others when writing content and this includes avoiding the use of an extensive vocabulary!

Allow Interaction

By allowing comments you transform your site from a platform of one-way communication into more of an interactive social site. This opens the doors for visitor participation where readers are more easily able to offer their own opinions, critiques and of course unique insight as well! This gives the entire site more of a community feel increasing the satisfaction of participants who are able to 'contribute' and help develop the site! Anybody can make statements, claims or offer opinions but when a blogger allows interaction this allows people to get a better clarification on information they have viewed! It only stands to reason as a blogger that if you are willing to address criticisms on your views, and of course offer adequate defense, your credibility grows!

When publishing a blog post you always want to be mindful of whether the reading material you are offering visitors serves any use! People are always interested in receiving useful information therefore your aim when building a blog is to always try and supply just that! The 5 things you want to keep in mind when writing content, as discussed above, will serve to make the reading material you do offer more enjoyable to view! At the same time, provided what you post is accurate and timely, writing content in this way will also help to build your credibility along with reader loyalty!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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