As we move from the information age to the attention age, we have gained access to so much information without consuming much time. Because of this overload, it is more important than ever that we prioritize where our attention is directed. Out of the hundreds, or in my case, thousands of emails, hundreds of social media notifications, and the text messages, how many actually grab your attention and inspire you to read thoroughly? Very few, am I right? It is more important than ever to focus on quality and not quantity when it comes to building customer relationships in the digital age. Recent studies on the focus and engagement patterns of consumers have shown an astronomical drop, but have our business strategies changed to develop relationships that lead to sales? Investing in Digital and social media alone is no longer enough. If you want to stand out in the loud digital space, then it is essential that we connect emotionally with the consumers.

Sandra Yancey, Leadership Coach Dallas Tx, Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, share 5 ways of building customer relationships in the digital world.

• Consider Quality over Speed: As I like to say, “it’s about lust building, not list building.” We should try to focus on authentic handwritten messages about what our customers say. These messages may include “Thank You” notes or customers sharing their personal experiences.

• Face-to-Face Meetings: Emails aren’t the only way to connect with your customers digitally. Try spending 2-3 hours a week face to face with your customers too. This could be a Skype or Zoom call for those clients staying far away. This results in loyalty, attentiveness and engagement with the consumers.

• Don’t Rush the Big Sale: It takes time to develop a level of trust with a customer to where they feel comfortable forking out top dollar for your big program. Create different levels of programs so that your customer can experience your work and build up trust in you before you ask for a big sale.

• Referral Awards: Plan for those customers who send you referrals. Keep this recognition personal, as when people feel that level of appreciation, they’ll go above and beyond for you. A word of thanks and a small reward related to your brand is the best combo for recognition.

• Testimonials: Ask your loyal customers to share their experience of working with you or using your services. These testimonials can then be used on your website, your social media, and email campaigns. This makes the customer feel special and valued as well as builds your digital credibility.


Author's Bio: 

Sandra Yancey is CEO & Founder of eWomenNetwork, an international network for women in business. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, CNN American Hero, International speaker, philanthropist, and transformation expert.