Do you find that you want more support? Do you wish you had more supportive people in your life?

I get support. One place is from ME!

I’ve discovered that one good way of building stronger relationships with other people is to build habits that support me in starting well at the little things I do.

Starting well helps because I’m a finisher. That means I tend to focus on the long term. Because if I start something, I want to finish. So, if I start the habit of forming good relationships, I want to continue that in simple ways that work well for me.

I need to build habits that help me finish itsy bitsy tiny small things all along the way. Because that lifts me up. Supports me! Gives me a ready smile.

That way my short-term action and interaction with others tends to support my long-term vision. I’m more able to re-evaluate and adjust as I go.

When I’m able to work toward the long-term in my day to day world, well, hey, I simply tend to feel more hopeful about my long term.

When I feel more hopeful, I feel inspired to find ways around problems.

When I feel inspired, I find that I’m supporting myself in many ways.

Then I tend to be able to figure out little ways of starting well. Even when all I can do is the tiniest imaginable aspects of what I wish I could do!

That works for me. Even when, like now, I can only do a tiny little bit.

Inspiration helps me make my little bit count.

I do what I can in the here and now by starting well with each tiny little bit that I do.

I find that habits make it easier to start well.

Right now, I’m facing big challenges. I can only do a little bit at a time. That means there are many times I start – every day, all day! Yet, by forming habits of starting well at this and that, I feel good about supporting myself in making the effort.

By forming habits, I tend to find the little shortcuts that get me started. The kind of stuff that helps me leap into stride! Such as an Olympic runner pushing off a starting block would do. Rather than meandering around figuring things out on the fly, I develop a habit of pushing off a bit of a starting block.

Sometimes my little starting block is as simple as turning to someone, catching their eye and giving a little smile.

These little starting blocks are more visible to me now because all I’m able to do is a little bit here and a little bit there.

You’re working on improving relationships, connecting with people. You’ve got dreams.

The way to get there is in the little tiny things you can do throughout each day.

Creating habits! Building routines.

Habits that keep you on track. Lift you up!

Habits take quite a while to form (deep habits take way more than the 30 days folks often quote!) but once formed, you’ll find you enjoy the results. Both in the day to day doing of the actions you’ve chosen and in the outcomes you’ve created in the way of accomplishments!

Take the things you want and organize things that fit well together to make those things happen.

Start simply.

Find out how what you want may fit well together with habits.

For example, form your morning routine. Decide to get up at a certain time each day.

Stick to it for the most part!

Set a good morning alarm. Prepare yourself to smile each day when that alarm begins.

Let that good morning alarm get you sitting up, standing up and getting a glass of water that starts your day with a wee bit of inspiration that will lift you and others all day long.

For example, if you want more and better relationships, you may need to pay attention to how well you get started with each interaction. Support yourself well tomorrow beginning with your good morning alarm! Then you’ll be ready to greet people with a ready smile.

If you start each interaction exuding a well-rested, content, inspired and hopeful feeling, you’re more likely to smile and truly connect. You’ll tend to find love in more of your interactions throughout most of your days!

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