Building a military resume is one of the challenging tasks for the military officials. They are generally unaware of the different important sections and content to be included in the resume. In such problems, the military resume template plays an important role in guiding the applicants in drafting their own resume. The military officials usually draft their resumes for applying for the jobs in public sectors. Thus, they must include all the essential skills and proficiencies that can be utilized in civil jobs. While writing a military resume, the candidate must keep in mind to include the most essential sections such as the educational qualification, key skills, and prior job experience. These sections help the employer to decide your eligibility in undertaking the job you have applied for.

The candidates often find it easy for building military resume with help of a template. The template helps the candidate to understand the format and the sections to be included in the resume. It also helps the candidate in minimizing the errors and developing a perfect resume. The below given military resume template will guide you in drafting your resume.

Military Resume Template

Full Name
Contact Number
email address

Career Objectives

The career objective section in the resume helps the candidate to educate the employer about his or her career plans and objectives. This section must clearly specify the job position the candidate is applying for.

Educational Qualification

The candidate's educational qualification usually describes the job he or she is eligible to do. Thus, this section is one of the mandatory sections in your resume and helps the employer to decide your eligibility for a particular job position.

Key Skills and Proficiencies

The key skills and proficiencies section in the resume must depict the qualities you possess that are essential for carrying out the particular job you have applied for. This is another important section in your resume which helps you to impress the employer and further increase your chances of getting selected.


This is another important section in the military resume which helps the employer to get detail information about your prior jobs. This information includes detailed information about the prior company name, company address, job duration, and the responsibilities carried out over there.

Personal Information

This is another mandatory section to be included in a resume and consist of the applicant's name, date of birth, gender, marital status, and nationality. You can include this information either at the start of the resume or while concluding it.

The above military template will guide you about the format and important sections to be included in your resume, thus making it effective.

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