Building relationships on the internet is a commonly overlooked aspect of achieving marketing success. Entrepreneurs sometimes fail to even recognize that relationship building is ultimately the most effective marketing strategy they can use. True as it is that the available technology certainly helps grow a business, to be truly successful one must also focus on relationship building as well!

Here are 3 vital components every business must have for online marketing success that developing strong relations with others can supply!


Connecting with others on the internet by supplying them with information that is of interest and useful can actually create a sense of dependency. This is your 'hook' and when people come to recognize you as a free and accurate source for their interests and needs they tend to become more reliant upon you! The first step is to get them to return! Now you are building trust with them which will make you much more effective marketing any goods or services to them down the road.


Developing customer loyalty is the ultimate key to your marketing success online and can be accomplished by consistently being helpful. Making yourself available in terms of discussions or at least something new to offer such as useful content will compel people to continue returning. The use of blogs or even social network sites are a great way to connect with others! Also by not aggressively or consistently promoting something to them will help to only deepen their loyalty towards you!


The 'track record' you develop with others, provided it is positive, will compel folks to spread the word to others with similar interests! At this point you are now able to expand your exposure using the viral effect that results from the satisfaction others have experienced with you! Your success will only grow from the additional traffic that has been 'recommended' to you by people they already trust!

Building relationships can justifiably be considered the foundation to your marketing success when work on the internet. Although technology does allow for a certain amount of sophistication and automation when working online, nothing is more important than relationship building. Having a strong connection with those to whom you promote is the most effective marketing strategy you can employ. The 3 vital components every successful business needs that are reviewed above can only be supplied by maintaining healthy interpersonal relations. Always remember people are still people whether you communicate to them in person or over the internet! You absolutely must earn their trust and loyalty if you are seeking marketing success be it online or off!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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