Believe it or not, there is a natural flow for clients to start working with you, particularly in service-based businesses.

On one level, most of us understand that, in general, people will come in the door at a rather modest pace, until you have really been able to build that “know, like and trust” factor.

Once you have built that trusting, authentic relationship with them and you present your offerings in a way that makes it a no-brainer for them to take the next step with you, the path for your clients will be a walk on the beach – for them and for you!

But what’s often missing from many helping professionals’ marketing plans is The Ladder of Success for your clients.

It is essential to create this ladder for your business so that you know how each of your clients is positioned in your business, and for your clients and potential clients to know what the opportunities are for them to start working with you and continue to grow and expand with you!

Here are some basic guidelines to follow so you start creating and building out your own Ladder of Success for your business. We have also provided examples of elements we currently have in our Authentic Marketing Ladder of Success….

Client Step 1 – Freebie: No-brainer complimentary offerings that require no commitment from your potential client. Could be a free offer on your website, a free talk, etc.

P&B Example: Our FREE Audio "Money and Meaning" – this is the compelling and content-rich offering we have on our website that you receive in exchange for your email address.

Client Step 2 – Passive: Products you develop that you can sell on your website (this is often your own “intellectual product” or information products)…once created requires none of your time and no access to you.

P&B Example: “Authentic PROFITS System™” (step-by-step process of how we built our business - recorded Audios, templates, worksheets and marketing map.)

Client Step 3 – Leveraged: Working with many clients at one time, i.e., group programs, workshops and live events…Requires some access to you and a limited amount of your time

P&B Example: Boost Your Bottom Line Bootcamp – 6-week group program taking you through the express steps of getting clients NOW!

Client Step 4 – Active: Some form of private work with you…this provides some private, 1-on-1 access and customized attention from you

P&B Example: Platinum Inner Circle Coaching Program – Private one-on-one coaching with Paige and Brian

Client Step 5 – Exclusive: VIP Intensive days and activities – this provides extensive time with you…often in a short, but intense amount of time directly with you…and possibly your team as well.

P&B Example: VIP Business Immersion Day with Paige and Brian

Call to Action

We've shared with you a general ladder of success to start working with, and remember some clients may not start with Step 1.

Often clients will skip a step or two, but it is important for you to have a nice, stream-lined way for clients to start getting to know you, like you and trust you so they feel comfortable investing more and more in themselves to work with you.

Special Note:

If you are a start-up and are making less than $5000, you really want to start with the Freebie and Active Income. When you are first starting out, it takes just as much energy to get people into a group situation as it does to bring someone in to work with you one-on-one.

If you already have some private clients and are bringing in about $5,000/month, it may be time to add a group component, do a live event or start adding in some VIP days.

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