Online degrees for party planner job are meant to prepare the students for designing as well as coordinating different meetings, conferences, conventions, expositions, trade shows, and such other special events.

Online Degrees for Party Planner

Basically online degrees for the party planners help them to take up the following positions in an organization.
Meeting, event, or party planner.
Events coordinator.
Wedding manager.

Online Universities

Some of the best online universities like Strayer University, DeVry University, Le Cordon Bleu, Ashford, and South University online offer associate, bachelor, executive graduate and masters degree in related subjects like –
Business Administration;
Hospitality and Tourism Management;
Restaurant Management;
Culinary Management;
MBA; and
General Business.

Party Planner Online Degree Basics

Basically the online degrees for party planners could be certificate or associate degrees. For little better prospects one could think of bachelors or master’s degree online. Courses covered include –
Special events designing;
Site selections;
Program designing;
Conventions and meeting managements;
Hospitality marketing; and
Legal issues relating to hospitality industry.

In most of the online degrees, the student has to submit a completed project to earn the degree.

Scope Earned with Online Degrees

Candidates earning online degrees as party planner can pursue the careers in –
Corporate event managements;
Conferences and convention managements;
Planning expositions as well as trade shows;
Special event coordination; and
Catering management.

Those who have acquired certificates or associate degrees can also think of earning the bachelors degree or even higher. Some of the candidates also become bridal consultant or wedding planners.

Employment Opportunities and Income

Among others, it is the hotels, casinos, restaurants, and private organizations that are the largest employers of the party planners. According to the recent survey conducted the median annual salary at casinos for base level party planners come in the range of around $45,000-$49,000 including bonus. Similarly, the median income for wedding managers and catering managers come in the range of $51,000- $55,000 and $43,000-$48,000 for the wedding managers and catering managers respectively.

Much depends on the caliber and efficiency of the party planner since as their job is more concerned with human psychology and preferences. A reputed party planner remains much in demand since there is no dearth of occurrences of social events and parties at any point of time

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