Making videos for your art and craft websites are critical for a number of reasons. They can be very helpful in getting search engine positioning for your website, they can teach your visitors how to make your art (if you training them on that) and you can sell your art virtually to your visitors by showing your art on a video. After making your art for many years, it probably comes easy to you. But shooting quality videos can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing.

Most cameras, even consumer level ones that you can buy at a mass retailer, will take good enough video for the web. Lighting will play the most important part in making your video look good above and beyond your camera. Let's look at simple lighting techniques for video.

Three-part technique - this consists of a Key light (the light directly on your subject), a Fill light (the light filling in the side of your subject) and a Back light (the light shining on the wall behind your subject). This creates a full round of illumination without casting distracting shadows on your subject.

Two-Part Technique - this consists of just using your Key light and Fill lights.

One light - just using the Key light directly illuminating your piece or subject.

To diffuse your lights if they are too bright, aim your direct light at a white wall and let the reflected light illuminate your subject. It will be much softer without creating 'hot spots' on your art, which can very reflective. Practicing with moving lights around, aiming them away from your art or even diffusing them with screens or gels, you will come up with a great look that will make your art look its best!

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