These days, because of the Internet and smart phones, the very essence of communication and relationships has changed. As a result, how you build your Business needs to change also. Are you aware of the fact that Facebook grew to 1 million users in 10 months, Twitter hit 1 million followers in 24 months, Pinterest hit 1 million subscriber in 23 months and Instagram sold for a billion dollars in 2 and 1/2 months after hitting 1 million?

Presently the fastest growing company in the world is a new company called Rippln that was only pre-launched on April 13th and has already signed up over 500,000 ripplers in 30 days. This new technological company holds the record for the fastest growth in the shortest time in the entire world and it hasn't even officially launched yet!

How are theses businesses growing and expanding so fast? How are they reaching such a large audience and so many eyeballs so quickly? Would you like your business to grow fast and furious also? There are several Build Your Business Concepts that these profitable businesses are familiar with, committed to and they know how to implement.

Let's review 3 of the necessary Build Your Business Concepts that will automatically expand your business reach and profits if you apply them strategically. The 3 Main Building Your Business Concepts are 1) Build your Business offline by creating a buzz 2) Build Your Business Online by creating a trustable brand and 3) always remember: it is all about building strong and reliable lifetime relationships.

Everyone of the company's mentioned above Facebook, Instagram and Rippln, are talked about offline by word of mouth, have a trusted online presence and focus on some aspect of communication and relationships between individuals and groups. Each of these companies have created interesting and unique ways for everyday individuals to connect, share, brag, communicate and find out interesting and necessary information. If you want your business to grow fast and furious like Facebook, Instagram, Rippln and others, start by brainstorming how you can create an offline buzz about your business and its benefits, create a trusted online presence and focus on communication and relating. Then strategize the best way to implement your new business plan, which includes the 3 Build Your Business Concepts.

Let's take a closer look at the fastest growing company in the world. As I told you, it is a company called Rippln and it just pre-launched on April 13th in Dallas, Texas. The Ripple effect, which has traveled around the world in less than 30 days, has reached over 500,000 people and is presently growing faster than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter combined. The social ripple, which is being called a social graph, started when an offline group of 750 individuals shared an invite with 5 friends, family members or business associates on their smart phones. Within days, the original 750 ripplers reached 65,000 people. Within a week, the ripple reached 106,000 people and as of 30 days, the company reported 530,000 people.

Rippln is an excellent example and model on how to build your business with new technology fast and furious. One of Rippln's main benefits is to provide a communication app with unique features as well as a new convenient platform for smart phone users to have access to everyday goods and services. Notice how they started with an offline buzz, invited others to join them with a new, accepted, technological vehicle and are providing an innovative and unique way of sharing financial benefits, connectedness and closeness. They have even introduced a new concept called "incentivized sharing" which means whoever you invite into your ripple or social graph, you can get rewarded financially. Clearly Rippln is the latest company to implement the 3 Building Your Business Concepts in a strategic way.

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Dr. Mary Oz, PhD., is a full time Therapist and Life Coach who has helped hundreds of people achieve meaningful and massive change in their life. She is a well trained, well educated and successful entrepreneur whose passion is to help others improve their lives emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially! She resides in New York with her 2 beautiful daughters. Dr. Mary Oz is also the author of a 7 book series, which provides the overall picture of how to build your internet marketing business from scratch to 6 figures. You can find additional information about this at Be sure to read the next 3 sequels to, “An Invitation to Your Financial Success and Freedom,” as they are released!