Are you thinking about building a picnic table for your backyard? This useful project can be a great addition to your home when you have friends over for parties and barbeques. Picnic tables provide a large space to put all of the food and drinks as well as a place to sit, eat and talk with friends. This simple woodworking project can be done easily in a weekend with no special woodworking tools required. To get the best results possible you are going to want to use a quality set of Tuinmeubelen plans.

Before you start your project take a little time to consider a few things. If you have never built one before consider the basic design. The rectangular top is by far the simplest, most common and easiest to build. Benches that are not attached to the table are also a good option. The benches can be moved for sitting in other places in the yard when not needed for the table. It also makes the table lighter for moving to different locations in your yard.

You can build it with just a few basic tools. A circular saw with a good sharp blade is a must. It will make cutting your boards to the right size a breeze. A cordless drill is needed to secure your table top to the base with screws and dill holes for the hardware. A good tape measure and a carpenter's square for laying out straight and angle cuts. Have a carpenters or claw hammer handy for positioning boards and tapping them into the proper alignment. That is all the tools you will need to do this great project.

The type of wood you use for is very important. It needs to be resistant to rot and insects. The most economical wood for a is pressure treated pine. It will last for many years in outdoor weather conditions and comes in all the dimensional lumber sizes needed to build a great looking picnic table. Redwood and cedar are other types of wood used that hold up well outdoors but are more expensive and can be a little harder to find.

To ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish a superior set of picnic table plans should be used. Look for ones that have pictures and diagrams on how it's put together and what the finished product will look like. A Detailed material and hardware list of everything that is required to build your table is essential. Picnic table plans are available online that meet all these requirements. As you can see building your own picnic table can be a simple and enjoyable project. The tools required are very basic woodworking tools and you can complete it in a weekend.

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