Learning to accept you

Accepting yourself in a loving way is the first step. No one is perfect, therefore, why shed tears about your imperfections. This is the way God made us - Imperfect! Someone else may have qualities that we lack, but we also may have qualities that another person lacks. The incomplete feelings causes people to go out and find companions that make us feel wanted, complete, and loved, which is a great feeling! We could not experience this feeling if we locked ourselves inside our imperfections, a cocoon, if you will. Therefore, it is vital to accept yourself just how you right now. This frees you of unnecessary baggage and worries. You begin instantly to feel cheerful and light.

Do whatever it is that you like and liberate yourself!

How long has it been since you took a walk among the pine trees - something that was a joy as a child? Has it been a long time since you went to the bakery with your friend, arm in arm, flipping a coin to make the decision on what to buy? These examples may seem simple, but it is the simplest of things that have a powerful way of adding to and building confidence and fulfillment. Life is actually very simple. What makes it seem complex is allowing simplicity to seem difficult, doesn't it? Tiny drops of water is what makes the ocean, and the tiniest of things that you enjoy most is what has the power to turn into a a mighty self-confidence.

The day God created you, He was the one that put the desire in your heart and gave you the capability to achieve those desires. However, while you were growing , you may have forgotten what your purpose was, what it was you liked, and what you truly enjoyed. This applies to many people who want to break free but simply are too caught up in their daily activities that it becomes too impossible to have even 10 minutes to look at their lives, their dreams, goals, and direction. It is truly our responsibility to clear away the mess that is preventing us from hearing the desires of our hearts. The very conversation with your own heart needs to become clearer and the best way to achieve this is to take the time to do what you enjoy. If you find that you enjoy an activity, this tells you that you have the ability and intelligence to do the job easily even if you don't realize it.

Finding your Flock

You have heard the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." You need to find other people that you enjoy being with. These are people that your energy flows between the two of you effortlessly and it is natural. Your life becomes easier when you are with people that are thinking the same as you because it is much easier to relate to them. It seems they understand you and you can understand them by creating healthy conversations and conditions. A healthy conversation is a good exercise and vital for our minds. Everyone wants their ideas heard and appreciated; when you are in good company, it provides this platform effortlessly.

Set Your Goals that are Achievable and then go for it!

A journey of a thousand miles has to start with one step. This means you need to begin with small steps that can lead to giant steps and strides. Learn how to do the work at hand rather than being overwhelmed by looking at the mountainous task. The top of a mountain could one day be under your foot, just as the soil you are stepping on now is. There is but one way do to something and that is to do it! Regardless of the slow progress, your focus needs to be on the completing that task successfully even if it is a small task. When you have many large uncompleted tasks it can lead to depression. Take a big task and make it into several smaller tasks. Make a list of these "smaller" tasks an check it off you list when you complete one. Regardless of how small the task that you completed, it helps to give you a sense achievement, which of course boosts your confidence and gives you the energy to take on bigger tasks.

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