Hope is one of those things that shows up in the oddest places; at the oddest times. It can be found where you would imagine only despair to reign… and it can be missing from places where you think it would be in abundance.

Without it, lives are lost; dreams are destroyed. Fortunately, HOPE can be built, if you’re willing to work on the little pieces that make it whole.

H = Happiness
Hope is full of joy; but hope doesn’t have to come before joy. If you seek out that which makes you happy, the more you find, the more hopeful you will become.

Simply put: Do what you love.

O = Optimism
Hope is also a very optimistic emotion. Its key component is believing that things are going to turn out for the better. One way to help insure an optimistic outcome is to make sure that the things you love doing aren’t hurting you or others in some way (we all love doing things that are bad for us, so we mustn’t get too confused here).

So, simply put: Do good things.

P = Passion
This goes hand in hand with doing what you love. This is loving what you do. By putting your “all” into something that you do, you will find happiness in your passion, passion in your happiness and hope in your all.

Simply: Love what you do.

E = Endurance
Everything takes time, usually more than we want to give (“I want it now” is not enough time)… so we have to keep at it. We have to keep striving for what we ultimately want to achieve, no matter what the adversity.

Simply put: Keep doing it.

Finally, hope for hope. You actually have to want to be hopeful; cause once hope comes, it you don’t want it, you won’t keep it. When you feel hope, embrace it.

Hope is Love… so love it back.

Author's Bio: 

Stu "GuruStu" Rosen is a motivational speaker, author and cartoonist. He is a co-author in SelfGrowth's '101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life... Volume 1' and 'Overcoming Obstacles' as well as host of 'DARE to be your BEST' Radio show. Check out more info on http://GuruStu.com and http://DareToBeYourBest.com