In this article I will explain to you how to build rapid rapport. What do I mean by rapid? I mean you will be able to create rapport in minutes not in days or even weeks as it is in normal cases.

What is rapport?

Rapport is a connection between two people. If you know someone, with time you develop a friendship, in other words a positive rapport. When you have a good rapport with someone, you are much more likely to agree with him and make him favors. You want to maintain your positive relationship with your friend and what's better way to achieve it, than by helping each other out.

The thing is that you can "fake rapport". Using artificial techniques you can make someone like you and treat you as his friend, just to receive benefits of any kind from him. As unethical as it may sound, this tactics are invaluable in today's ruthless world.

How to build rapport?

In nature rapport is something that is left to chance, if you like someone it will appear naturally with time, but if you want to create it instantly, you need to follow certain formula.

First off, you need to match and mirror the person you are trying to build rapport with. Mirroring and matching are basically about copying other persons way of being. Starting from way and speed of walking, body posture, breathing speed and even speaking mannerisms. This is what happens in nature, when we like someone we unconsciously copy his movements and characteristic behaviours.

First time you try this stuff on someone, you will be surprised how effective it is. Funny thing is that, while you are aware of the fact you do it, you will also feel better connection with the other person. But enough about you, the other guy will feel like you are his long lost brother. If you will do everything right, this connection will be so deep, some people may start telling you secrets they don't say to their best friends.

It is just the beginning...

Once you've build enough rapport, you can begin making your target do what you want. In order to achieve that, you have to create a frame in which, he agrees and does everything you say. It may sound like a very hard task but I am here to help.

You need to start making obvious comments he has to agree with, simply because they are 100% true. Ask him stuff like, "Sky is really clear today, don't you think?". Key is to ask close ended question, so he has nothing else to say than yes.

After asking him couple of such questions, preferably they should rise in difficulty, you start asking him for favors. Again you begin with easy stuff, like pretending you have accidentally dropped your keys and than you ask him to pick them up. This way you make it natural for him to do favors for you. He makes a permanent connection in his mind, that when you ask him something he does it.

This would be it. If you will follow this easy process, you should be able to make best friend out of anyone, without any problems. I know it sounds obvious, but never use these tactics to make someone do something he wouldn't normally do. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

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