Self-esteem can be said to be the view one has of the self. Self-confidence and self-esteem are interrelated and interdependent. Low self-esteem is a common occurrence in today’s society. With increasing competition, pressure and tension and anxiety about performance in every sphere of life, almost everyone faces low self-esteem at point or other. This could not only affect one’s career, but influences relationships and personal goals, leading finally to an unhappy life. According to studies, there are millions of people around the world who suffer from self-esteem in their personal, professional or overall life. This impacts the life of the person concerned but also of the people around them and the industry they are involved in. Be it a successful household, relationship or an industry, it requires people with high self-esteem who can handle the pressure required to make all of the above work.

There are numerous ways to enhance one’s self-esteem. The focus should be on enhancing your self-image. A healthy self-image will include a positive view of one’s strengths and achievements. This includes ones qualities and physical features as well. You need to have a positive image yourself and love yourself in order to have a high self-esteem. Another important step would be to get rid of negative, self-reproaching thoughts. If you have doubts, re-assure yourself that you can overcome it. Concentrate on your achievements and how to improve on them rather than mulling over your failures. No one can achieve everything. Do not let the negative thought stay in your mind for a long time because it might turn into a more permanent mood which can lead to depression and anxiety, if neglected. One way to eradicate negative thoughts from your mind is to start thinking positive thoughts. If you cannot think of achievements think of a past memory which makes you happy. Then gradually your mood will automatically start tending towards the positive side.

One of the tried and tested ways of enhancing your self-esteem is to use self-affirming words to yourself. It might look too dramatic an act, but standing in front of a mirror and saying self-affirming statements can work wonders for your self-esteem issues. You can come up with your mantra. Settle on something that is easy to remember and stresses on your problem area.

Finally, your self-esteem also depends on the people you spend your time with. If you spend most of your time with people who manipulate and dominate you and do not care for your opinions, your self-esteem may suffer a hit. Whereas, if your friends and family are supportive, have respect for your thoughts and opinions and encourage you to strive for better things, you will automatically have an enhanced self-esteem because love and support from loved ones can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem especially because you will know that they will be there for you no matter what, and if you fail in something, they will help you try harder the next time. If your loved ones believe in you, it becomes easier for you to believe in yourself.

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