Staying Connected to your customers is the key to a successful organization. In modern times, Bulk SMS Marketing plays a very important role.

To run a successful bulk SMS marketing campaign what you need to really look at is the success rate of your content reaching the customers. Bulk SMS has the highest open rates with 90% of messages being read by a receiver within 3 minutes of delivery.

Let me highlight a few key areas of concern which make your Bulk SMS promotion the best marketing your company has ever done.

1. Focus on the content of the message

Determine exactly what you want to convey and put it across in simple layman language, so the customers understand the purpose of the message. Mention clearly what benefit is being offered to the customers and keep them engaged.

2. The Timing is the key

Understand that theory that what keeps popping up on a regular basis stays in the customer's mind. To send messages on a regular basis is a good idea. In Bulk SMS time frame of your message is everything. Say rolling out promotional messages during high sale season is a perfect tactic to keep those customers coming.

3. Privacy Concerns

You may have a skyrocketing offer that you want to advertise and share with your audience but sending it out at midnight would be a terrible idea as the customer would either end up disregarding it as spam or be pissed at the company to send promotions at odd times. The golden rule in Bulk SMS marketing is no messages after 8 P.M and before 9 A.M

4. Draft your message precise and to the point

Customers don’t have ample of the time these days. They want you to cut to the chase and just get to the point of what is in it for them, only then will they stay engaged
And be interested in the SMS.

5. Avoid use of Abbreviations

It is highly advisable to not use abbreviations at all in SMS marketing as it shows an unprofessional approach and leads to confusion amongst customers.
6. Don’t forget to Include your Social Media Handles

Including your social media handles shows your brand strength and positions your image in the customer's mind. It is a good practice to encourage customers to subscribe to your channels and like and share your posts.

7. Highlight the offers

To deliver best results emphasizing on the promotion and discounts being offered is suggested. While drafting the content one should capitalize the key discounts that are given. For example, Diwali Dhamaka Offer Get up to 50% DISCOUNT on shopping with us
8. Two Word keywords are a NO

In Bulk SMS we have hidden rules and using two-word keywords is a No as they come with a streak of confusion. Many people would write keyword “two words” as two-word. Therefore, it is best to use a single keyword.

9. Add your website link

Why miss out on an opportunity to flaunt the amazing company website of yours. Embed the link in the SMS and make the SMS interactive for customers. Short links enable an immediate option for the customer to check out the products on offer and eventually converts into sales.

10. Custom messages are in trend

Personalization is a popular trend that enhances the customer experience. It starts with knowing the customer — or maybe a better way to say it is remembering the customer The data supporting the effectiveness of personalization in modern marketing is conclusive. What’s less certain is marketers’ ability to take full advantage of these highly-targeted messaging opportunities.

The above "Bulk SMS Marketing Best Practices" provided by Dove Soft ( if followed can help organizations achieve their SMS Marketing goals effectively with a lesser cost of customer acquisition.

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Young author Seema Jha have interest in finding and sharing ideas about a different way to promote business. In this topic, the author is writing about Bulk SMS Marketing Best Practices.

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