To get success in the competitive market, you have to be well-connected with your customers. And to do that effectively, you need faster and more efficient tools. Amongst the choices available, bulk SMS with the database is considered the best. Not just because it is easy and convenient, but because of its tremendous success rate.

Statistics prove that 98% of all text messages received in the mailboxes are read and 95% of all text messages are read within three minutes. Hence, using bulk SMS for customer communication is the success mantra in modern times. Bulk SMS service enables you to interact with your customers (existing and potential) effectively. It can deliver valuable information and keep them posted about the latest.

The success of any bulk sms marketing campaign to a great extent depends on the customer database. Most bulk sms service providers do not provide database and it becomes very difficult for users to procure for the same. There are various service providers who provide the database however it's totally vague as compared to the target audience. So a user needs to select a service provider who not only provides a database however it's also reliable in nature.

There are various reputed bulk sms service providers who provide such service including Dove Soft Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. The company is a leading player in bulk sms service providing reliable bulk sms service to various MNC & tier I companies. The company provides its customers with free & reliable customer database at most economical rates.

Features of bulk sms service:

1. Build Loyal Customers

SMS Marketing is a great channel to engage and build loyal customers. Offer your customer's promotions/ information about your business when you feel the need. This makes your customers/clients feel appreciated by keeping them the main focus of your business. The more you give, the more you get back.

2. Generate word of mouth

Use SMS to not only engage your existing customers but also drive new business to your company. If you have something of value to offer your customers, they will spread the word to family, friends, and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and SMS promotes this with instant communication.

3. Improve communication

Communication is key to building any long term relationship. SMS Marketing can be of great benefit when building on these relationships. SMS is a personal message from you to your audience. Let them in on the secret sale, a simple thank you message after a purchase, inform them of any sales/promotional offers, when their delivery is ready, the list is endless. SMS Marketing is an easy, fast and reliable way to communicate with all of your customers.

4. Fast and Effective

SMS Marketing allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time. Text Messaging is an instant marketing tool, getting your message into the hands of the right audience when you want it. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand, making it easy to communicate your message to them.

5. Opt-In Option

Building your database correctly is of vital importance, not only for Data Protection purposes but also by having your customers sign up to hear from you, you have already started the sales process. These Opt in’s are qualified existing or potential customers, they want to hear from you, don’t disappoint them.

Features of customer database:

1 All in Excel Format

2 Personal & Business Mobile number with Email Leads

3 More than 90% Valid and Accurate Database

4 Good for Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and other Online Business

5 City Wise and State Wise Database and Category Wise Database

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