Employees that are bullied at work tend to get affected by heart risks and brain problems as compared to the one having a happy work environment. Bullying causes various problems like heart attacks, strokes and blood vessel problems. Cardiovascular diseases are associated with office violence as it causes strong implications for employees. Cardiologist in Gurgaon says that depression is another problem associated with bullying and violence.

Bullying can cause a serious impact on both emotional and physical health. This can be a short-term or a long-term impact. Physical injury, emotional or social problems and death are a serious cause as violence increases the risk of mental risks as well. Damage to self-esteem has a longer effect on the victim’s health. An adverse effect of bullying can be increased risk for substance abuse, office problems and violence in later life.

People who have been both bullies and victims go through a more traumatized phase in life. This leads to a greater risk for mental and behavioral problems as compared to the ones not associated with bullying. There can be a lot of diseases associated with stress. Best cardiologist in Gurgaon explains that cardiovascular and metabolic issues are a prolonged cause of stress and bullying. This is an etiological factor which also results in hypertension. Continuous work often leads to psychiatric disorders which include depression. Workplace bullying can also be speculated to increase the sufferer’s accountability for constant bullying.

How to Prevent Bullying?

Several measures can be taken to stop workplace bullying.

  • Effective bullying prevention programs at work will help bullies to under how victims feel after being bullied. Anti-bullying programs can explain the consequences of bullying. Standing up for victims so that bullying is discouraged.
  • Coworkers should be asked to address each other’s name and participate in the task. Respecting each other’s work creates a positive environment.
  • Gossiping behind each other’s back is also bullying. Avoiding it can help a lot in maintaining a healthy work environment.
  • Policies like ‘No tolerance for bullying’ should be applied to avoid any harassment against a particular employee.

Stress and depression are a very important reason for bullying and unhealthy work environment. These cause a lot of cardiovascular and brain diseases which are hazardous for our health. Encouragement to bullying should a punishable offence as it spreads negativity. If you find anyone with cardiovascular diseases, help them out finding a vascular surgeon in India to avoid future complications. Refer hospitals in Gurgaon if you face any health problems.

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