As a general practice when someone talks about mobile games in front of us, the image of the games like the racing cars, bikes, guns, jet planes, soldiers going on mission with heavy guns, etc, emerge in front of our eyes. However, with changing technology and increasing use of social networking sites, the methods of playing these games have undergone vast changes, and, today, you can play these games even online with your friends available on different social platforms. Going, through this practice, different types of games are being introduced by the mobile game developers. The worth mentioning feature of these games is that they are liked equally by the people of age groups and sex.

One more interesting feature of these games is that apart from entertaining the mobile phone users, they also help them in understanding their responsibilities towards the environment and social causes. In-fact, there are some games which are based on the matters towards which till now nobody has paid any attention or had been the matter of joke among the masses. Interestingly, bump battle game is one such game which is mainly dedicated for protecting the universe from the worst impacts of farts, as they can be dangerous for the survival of the human beings.

Well, this at the first instance, might sound something unrealistic and funny, because normally a fart is regarded as the natural human activity, which mainly happens due to the abundance of flatus in the stomach, that comes out through the anus. As the flatus comes out by making a sound from the bumps, it generally makes a person the centre of laugh, if given publicly. Going through this, people prefer to fart either when they are alone or inside the washroom, but, nobody has considered as harmful for the atmosphere.

Interestingly, the hero of the game realizes that farts in real practice are the small creatures which have an efficiency of damaging the ozone layer, and allow the direct entrance of sun rays on the earth. Thus, increasing its temperature. Moving the ahead, the hero also realizes that farts from the kangaroo is helpful in minimizing the impacts of farts. But, for this it is necessary to develop a spray from the farts of kangaroo and spray the same on the bumps as soon as any person farts. Because, if the fart, reach the ozone layer it will simultaneously effect it.

But, as collecting the DNS from the farts of kangaroo and then spraying the same on the people throughout the world is not an easy task, it is necessary to make people aware about this and encourage them for doing the same. The game is divided into different levels and is it progresses ahead, the number of farts from the kangaroo keeps on increasing, and so the speed of spraying on the bumps of human beings. The worth mentioning feature of this game is that at some point it develops the feelings of helping the human society and unite them at one place to protect the atmosphere.

This game is although similar to various movies that are developed to protect the country or world from attacks of people from the citizens of another planet. The only difference is that, here the human beings have not to fight with the creatures of the another world, but the creatures that are coming out from their body and reaching the atmosphere. To involve the co-operation from the other people, this game facilitates you to link your friends on the social networking sites and seek their assistance in collecting the DNA of the farts from the kangaroos and spray the same on the human beings.
It would not be wrong to say whether the farts really harmful for the environment or not, is yet to be finalized, but, this game, at-least develop the feeling of the social responsibility among the masses without any hard efforts.

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Ed Dee doo dar, a curious boy with a curious name, discovered one day that what we know as farts, are in fact real living creatures. Interestingly, bump battle game is one such game which is mainly dedicated for protecting the universe from the worst impacts of farts, as they can be dangerous for the survival of the human beings. Download Bottom Bumps Fight Game and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.