A bump on the back of the head may raise alarms as it could be more than just a bump. Most cases of a lump on the back of the head is a result of a benign growth or a mild head injury. It may be so minuscule, that it may not be noticed unless the hair is brushed or washed. And, knowing the signs and symptoms to watch for may help in determining the cause.

Whether there is a presence of a lump on the back of the head on the right side or a lump on the back of the head on the left side, there may be a natural or a medical

Symptoms of a Bump on the Back of the Head
Depending on the underlying cause and the condition of the bumps, a new growth may appear in various forms. If a lump on the back of the head hurts to the touch, it may also have accompanying symptoms with characteristics that can include:

A raised bump on the scalp
Transparent or dark-colored bumps
A Soft or hard bump
The appearance of a single bump or cluster of them
A Round or oval-shaped bump
Red patches or a rash surrounding the bump
What Causes a Bump on the Back of the Head
Lumps on the head may vary in size, location, and severity depending on the type of bump. Identifying the possible causes of a bump on the back of the head may help to narrow down the originating source and pinpoint proper treatment options.

1. Lipoma

A lipoma is a benign tumor as a result of the formation of fat cells that develop into a hard bump on the skin’s surface. It may be seen on the head or neck, but is more commonly seen in other parts of the body.

Thought to be genetic, this small lump may appear soft in the beginning and hardens as it grows. It may show as a lump behind the ear or another part of the scalp.

Aside from the possible pain, most cases are more of an unsightly or inconsequential issue. The lipoma bump may also develop under the skin surface only detected by feeling a hardness on the head.

2. Sebaceous Cyst

A sebaceous cyst on the back of head appears as a fluid-filled lump that may leak and develop into a hardened bump. It may be surrounded by redness, inflammation, and possible flakes of skin particles. And, it may be painful and swollen.

This form of bump on the back of the head is often caused by the sebaceous glands becoming clogged with dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

3. Ingrown Hair

A bump on the head may be an ingrown hair that has developed from a cut or shaving the hair follicle close to the head. It is commonly seen in males.

This type of bump may produce swelling, pain, and redness. Also, it may develop into an infectious condition if constantly picked or scratched.

4. Gout

An arthritic condition known as gout may result in bump-like, hardened particles called tophi. They are caused by crystalized uric acid that develops in conjunction with the high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream.

These types of bumps may present pain, swelling, and redness at the joints, including the head. They usually disappear as uric acid levels drop.

5. Pilar Cyst

A bump on the scalp may be a pilar cyst. This type of lump can be found at the hair follicle and is a collection of keratin. Keratin is a protein within the make-up of hair and the outer skin surface.

These hard bumps may appear with swelling and may be painful. And, some cases of pilar cysts are cancerous.

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