Protect your car from scratches and dents with our stainless steel or carbon bumper protection strips. Enhance the value of your car with these elegant tuning car accessories.

Do you often have to transport heavy or bulky items by car? It is not always possible to lift the relevant items far up and effectively protect the car, the paint and especially the loading flap. If you still want your car to stay as new for a long time, ladekantenschutz is a suitable device. You will find this product in different versions in carbon, stainless steel/chrome, and rubber. The dimensions differ depending on the car type, manufacturer and model. Make sure that the new strips fit your car perfectly.

Mister Lacky offers strips made of stainless steel/chrome, carbon or rubber. All three materials have special properties that protect your car and make loading easier in many cases.

If you choose bumper protection from, you not only protect your car, but also the goods that are loaded into the car. For example, if there is corresponding bumper protection between the edge of a high-quality piece of furniture and the leading edge of the car, you can even push things or pull them from the back seat. All you have to do is ensure that the bumper protection strips are securely attached.

If you encounter any problems during installation, you can, of course, contact us at any time. MisterLacky team is happy to assist you both before and after your purchase from us. If you choose our steel products, you can be sure that the edge is well protected and the loading edge protection made of stainless steel/chrome, carbon or rubber does not deface the vehicle.

If you would like to preserve the value of your car, you should treat it with care both inside and out. If it is a large wagon, you must of course still be able to transport heavy and bulky items without problems. Whether stainless steel/chrome, carbon or rubber - if you choose bumper protection, you ensure that your car is not damaged.

If you want to remove the strips one day - for example, because of a sale - you can also do this easily. The loading edge looks the same after the distance and therefore provides lasting protection for the vehicle. You will also have no difficulty attaching protection from the shop. These devices are designed for long durability, effective function, and easy handling. You benefit from this especially if you want to rely on the new bumper protection strips in everyday life.

There are many situations in everyday life in which you have to load the car unexpectedly. If, for example, you decide on a new piece of furniture in a furniture store, it makes sense to put it away in the car straight away. Use your vehicle here, save time and money. However, this is only possible without problems if you have the appropriate bumper protection strips made of stainless steel/chrome, carbon or rubber. These ensure that the paint is not damaged and the object glides wonderfully over the edge.

You will also receive a greasing cloth so that the various materials remain beautiful and functional for a long time. Thanks to the simple installation instructions, you can attach this product as soon as you receive it and drive off. With bumper protection, you can spontaneously transport everything that fits safely in the car. Be prepared for all eventualities and choose a suitable model in our reputable online shop. Mister Lacky expert is happy to deliver the order to your door.

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This problem will be solved elegant and practical by sill protection of Mister Lacky. Available for many well known brands of vehicles in Germany!