As the Bundesliga is all set to revive again in May, the authorities are facing criticism from an unexpected party upon restarting the league; the fans.

An email to the Schalke fans made people worry about how much unstable the ongoing financial situation is for different clubs of German Top-flight.

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Despite the fact that what decision Bundesliga makes, it is inevitable that the club is facing a severe crisis here, the email stated. They were referring to the current unfortunate events surrounding the continuation of the league. Plus, they also plead that fans do not ask for refunds on the remaining matches of the games, which are going to happen on empty grounds, to stabilize the finances of the club and help it survive.

Kicker, the football magazine, states that 13 out of 36 clubs in Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga could face severe financial breakdown this summer, in case the league doesn’t resume. That is the reason, DFL is looking for some medical and logistical feasible situation for the completion of the season in empty stadiums, starting from May.

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Of course, the government will give the final order here; meanwhile, the influential minister presidents of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria have signaled, while providing an interview to tabloid Bild this week, that keeping in mind some mandatory condition, such plan can actually work. Also read the career life of Felipe Trevizan Martins

However, despite this plan of ghost games, it seems to guarantee the survival of only a few of the clubs; therefore, the fans are having mixed reactions about the decision.

Michael Gabriel, the coordinator of Germany’s Fan project, stated that there are a lot of ways to perceive different opinions. He said that fans consider themselves as an essential part of the game, and the thought of not watching the games personally in-stadium worries them to hell. But if their favorite club’s survival is at stake, the situation gets very problematic because no club means no games.

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