We all are aware of the fact that physical activity or exercise is one of the important keys for fitness and a long healthy life. People adopt different workout structures including some of the unexciting ones to lose weight and shape their body, which sometimes become a hinder for us in achieving our goal of fitness. So why shouldn’t we choose some other ways like swimming which interest us more. Yes you read it correct and might have put smile on the face of swim lovers who are actually seeking ways to lose weight.

Benefits of Swimming for Weight Loss

Whether you want to swim at competitive level or want to enjoy a few lengths at your local pool, it’s all your say how much you want to achieve through swimming and then set your pace accordingly.

Effective swimming like cycling workouts involves different approaches to achieve its cardio benefits. It burns calories so helps you lose weight, as it uses so many muscles of your body and many different parts including arms, core and legs which make an excellent workout. It’s important for cardiovascular health benefits because it uses so many muscles and builds strength. As your heart and lungs work hard to supply them with oxygen. This means that swimming will give a cardiovascular a boost and according to some researchers it is so good that it may even reduce your risk of death.

It has been proven that swimming can burn belly fat which is one of the difficult thing to deal with. Swimming is aqua aerobic exercise. If it is done routinely, can burn body fat and tone the muscles without putting too much pressure on the joints as your body is supported by water. Moreover research shows higher intensity exercise tends to reduce more body weight or fat loss because it means your body is working hard.

How many calories can you burn?

According to Health Status on biomadam.com, on average a person of 150 pound can burn around 414 calories after an hour session of moderate -intensity swimming and around 666 calories if it’s high-intensity swimming. So if a person has more weight than he will have to extend his swimming session to get his calories burned. To burn around 666 calories you need to swim for about 7 hours.

Weight loss through swimming is not a myth

Many people believe that swimming is not as effective as cycling n running for weight loss. However this proved to be wrong by an Australian researcher Kay Cox. He conducted a study on a group of inactive healthy women. One group was separated for swimming and the other one for walking with same intensity confirmed by a heart rate monitor. After a year on average swimmers have lost 1.1 kg more than the group that was walking.

Proper meal plan is vital

As we all know that if we do not combine an intense workout with a balanced diet then that workout will not bring enough benefits to you. After swimming in a cold water and exerting pressure on a body, a person craves for more to eat results in gaining more weight. According to American Council of Exercise recommends focusing on eating nutritionally dense food rather than counting calories in order to lose weight.

So if you want to make your swimming session effective you need to have intake of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, low and nonfat dairy products and multi grains which will keep your calorie count down low while still providing body with the energy.

Other benefits of swimming
• It is good for people who are suffering from arthritis, some injuries and disabilities. As swimming can help in reducing some of the pain and recovery from an injury become faster.
• It has been proved a good option for people who suffer asthma. Not only the humid environment of indoor pools but also the holding breath exercise during swimming may assist in expanding lung capacity and gain control over person’s breathing.

Precautions for swimming
1. A swimmer needs to stay safe. It means that if you are swimming in a lake or sea should not go out of your depth and take extra care while swimming.
2. You need to wear goggles to prevent your eyes from chlorine; earplugs can safe your ears and should have a comfortable costume to have a flexible and easy workout.
3. You need to get warm-up before starting high intensity. As it is crucial part of any workout routine, preparing the muscles for exercise and increasing blood circulation throughout the body. So you can walk through the water or do yoga in order to get your body ready.
4. You can have a swim partner along so that it becomes a fun time in addition to your workout session.

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