Are you wondering how you can get better results from your Bowflex tread climber? It’s possible to burn more fat, burn more calories and feel more energetic. This article provides strategies.

Strategy #1 – Change Exercise Routines

The human body has a tendency not to waste energy. So if you do the same exercises in the same manner in a regular pattern, the body adapts. During the adaption process, it releases various hormones such as testosterone which enhances your health and youthfulness. But after two to six weeks, the body has adapted and then the production of hormones begins to decrease, the results from your exercises decrease, too.

That’s why it’s a good idea to change the lengths of your exercises regularly. Instead of doing routines for 40 minutes on three moments during the week, you can bring variation into your exercise lengths. For example, on Tuesday 35 minutes, Thursday 45 mins., and Saturday again 35 mins.

Strategy #2 – Change Exercise Length

Following the same logic, you can also change your workout routine regularly, by changing the time of the day you do your exercises. If you keep changing your routines, your body is forced each time to adapt which keeps the flow of hormones going.

Strategy #3 – Drinking Water During Routines

During your routines, your body is converting carbohydrates and fat into energy. But at the same time it also creates waste like lactic acid (which leads to sore muscles). If you drink water while exercising, you help your body to get rid of lactic acid.

Strategy #4 – Drinking Tea or Coffee

Research has also established that your body burns more fat if you drink tea or coffee before your exercises. When drinking green tea, the best results are achieved when you drink four to six glasses of tea throughout the day.

Strategy #5 – Exercise Before Breakfast

Research has proven that if you do your workout in the morning, before having breakfast, your body burns more fat because it’s in a “fasted” condition. So, it pays off to get up a bit earlier and saving your sandwich until after your exercises with the Bowflex tread climber.

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