CBD oils contain the concentrations of CBD as they are extracted from cannabis plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive which means it doesn't have a strong effect on cognitive brain activity and doesn't cause the "high" associated with marijuana.
Each variety of the cannabis family produces cannabinoids which also includes hemp. While CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids, there are various other types available as well. You have various options to CBD hemp oil online but there are many factors you must know before CBD.

What Is The Difference Between Marijuana & CBD?

Marijuana contains both the components of THC and CBD and they both affect differently. THC creates mind altering tendency inducing into the body whereas, CBD is different as it does not change or alter a person’s mind.

Benefits Of CBD:

CBD is extracted naturally and it benefits a person's health in a variety of ways such as:

  • Natural pain relief- CBD is often considered as natural pain reliever as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. People tend to buy cbd online to relieve certain stiffness and pain they are suffering from.
  • It is so effective that it also helps in fighting from cancer
  • It helps to benefit people suffering from neurological disorders such as anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and more.
  • CBd also helps to check immune system cells thereby treating type 1 diabetes
  • Acne and eczema treatment is another promising use of CBD

Bursting The Myths About CBD: Let’s Separate The Facts

Did you know CBD oil has gained fame all over with certain myths that have been continued to be active over the years. Let us know these crazy bizarre myths and break the stereotype!

Few of The Common Myths Known About CBD are:

Myth- CBD oil is illegal!
CBD is also known as cannabidiol is extensively legal which has become known for its medicinal properties, especially relieving pain. The oil is often mixed with other oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or hemp oil which can act as a carrier but can also aid absorption. You can buy CBD oil online in various forms such as liquid forms, sprays, pastes, teas, as well as capsules.

Myth- CBD oil can make you hallucinate
The oil does not contain the chemical psychoactive component that triggers the hallucination. THC are completely legal and the effects are known to relieve stress, depression and reduce anxiety.

Myth- CBD oil is addictive
CBD does not work the same way as cannabis does. CBD oil stimulates the dopamine and serotonin levels giving a “good feel” vibe. CBD oil has been shown to enhance our endocannabinoid system, restoring balance and harmony in our body.

Myth- CBD oil is just used for pain
CBD oil is so much more than a pain reliever, it is proved to be extensively beneficial thus helps to treat number of conditions like anxiety, depression, inflammation, sleep disorders, autism, migraines and few skin conditions like acne too.

Myth- CBD oil is completely safe
Although the oil is deemed safe to use, it may contain certain side effects too. It is advisable to ask your doctor before you take CBD over-the-counter medications.

Dosage For CBD Oil

The CBD oil contains 20 servings of CBD, which should be consumed in 50mg doses squeezed under the tongue. For optimum absorption and effective results, simply keep it in your mouth for up to five minutes before swallowing and repeat up to four times a day, depending on requirements. It will provide more benefits to you in the best manner.

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