Besides the various benefits of transportation facilities available to the world, this is the matter of fact which cannot be ignored that it is a major reason behind enormous rise in the levels of pollution across the world. Pollution levels have exceeded to such an extent that the ecological balance has disturbed and effecting our planets environment very badly. This has resulted into Global warming and various other diseases spreading tremendously. But, then what should we do? Should we stop travelling and moving from one place to another? Is it possible? Of course not! We cannot actually stop travelling, as travelling is the base of the whole system which helps people earn their livelihood. So, we have to find a way to sort this out.
Bus is a means of transport which is an easier solution to this problem. Bus is the means of transport which is a very convenient and serves needs of each and every level of person of the society. Using public transport will definitely help conserving our environment. Also, now buses are running on a clean fuel i.e., CNG which is also a positive point supporting usage of Bus services. It is vitally important for everyone to do their part in helping to conserve our natural resources as well as provide greater levels of protection for the land, air and water. By using a bus service, people are helping to conserve energy as well as resources and thereby reducing the carbon footprint.
Apart from the facts mentioned above, bus service plays a vital role in contributing to the economy. In India, buses make over 90% of the entire public transport for all Indian cities. The private players in the bus service sector are doing well. This has brought rapid changes in the quality of bus services with the introduction of newer buses like Volvo, luxury, semi sleeper & sleeper buses. This increased the number of travelers. Now all those travelers, demanding luxuries for heir travel also got attracted towards bus service.
Another revolution came with the introduction of online bus ticket booking. Now, travelers need not to line up in long queues to get their tickets but they can easily book their tickets via various online bus booking websites. These websites offer cheap bus ticket online. Redbus, Ticketvala, Ticketgoose are some of the prominent names in this list. These sites not only book your tickets but come with an option of online cancellation also. So choose bus whenever planning for a trip or going for a business travel and be environment as well as pocket friendly!

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