Withstanding Changes, Making a Difference
Being a business leader, it is important to maintain the company’s growth, particularly in the midst of new difficulties, on the road to progress in a period of continuous and uneventful corporate disturbance.
Being a leader, challenges can not only be viewed as threats to success as an enterprise, but as tools to enhance current organizational systems, or to create new models that are best adapted for the contemporary environment of business.
If leaders wish to remain active with the job they do, they must keep up with all the changes affecting their business, market, team members, and themselves. Currently, multinational companies are experiencing significant macro-economic transitions, developments that have a huge effect on companies’ budgets, achievements, and values. Being a successful leader remains as important as ever, and the way you handle leadership itself is reframed as a core aspect.
Changes—be they swift or slow; established or new—can be seen as measures of how the business operates. Abnormalities may be daunting to manage, particularly if they are extremely new and unparalleled like many businesses experience today. However, they still have the ability to be a source of motivation to look to the company’s future and contribute to innovative management approaches which were not feasible, as recently as last year.
While too many companies are operating in a different and uncertain way of functioning, the focus might be less on innovation and more on actually remaining on board. But that does not imply that leadership patterns are on the side of the lane. In reality, all of these tools may be used to your benefit and improve your capacity to effectively guide the company during this turmoil.
And to give you the perfect examples, Insights Success has come up with this edition, Business Achievers Making A Difference – 2020. This exclusive edition highlights the best of minds in the industries taking on challenges and transforming the world with the best of their abilities.
The edition highlights:
Antony Joseph Kitherian Xavier, the founder and CEO of Entoss Technologies; a platform of ready to use automated business processes for its customers to make them efficient, flexible, and intelligent enough to compete in the market.
Abhishek Shinde the CEO & Director of Sales and Business Development, Excelsior Research Pvt. Ltd., a full-service market research agency offering a wide range of research solutions and services to a global clientele.
Akshay Mehrotra the Co-Founder & CEO of Early Salary, a salary-advance mobile application that enables users to borrow money for urgent cash requirements before they get their monthly wages.
Ashish Jhagarawat the CEO & Director of Moon SEZ Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which offers ‘One Stop Solutions’ to all SEZ related requirements of various stakeholders of SEZs.
Chandru Kalro the Managing Director of TTK Prestige, India’s leading kitchen appliances brand with a 64 year old legacy of continuous innovation.
Pradeep Lala the MD and CEO, of Embassy Services Private Limited (ESPL), a multi-faceted company delivering end to end, Integrated Facility Management services to over 150 clients, covering 70+ million sq. ft. of space, across 12 states of India.
While learning about these exceptional personalities, do keep your eyes on inputs directly from prominent industry leaders tagged under ‘CxO Standpoints’. Also keep your keen eyes on articles masterly crafted by our in-house editors.
With that being said, it is time to flip the pages and learn a leadership trait or two.
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