Nowadays, customers get the majority of their product and application data from the Internet. This means that selling has become more difficult for sales professionals, who now have to add value to the business of every customer and work with the selling firm to attain shared objectives. Toss into the mix the requirement to measure customer approach, design tailored solutions and develop synergistic relationships. This takes a particular type of business acumen. Also, over the past couple of decades, extensive alterations in the technology motivating business transactions have basically changed the method that businesses function with one another. Business-to-business means of communication have gone from being episodic to being instantaneous. Data about products and services no longer comes in hand-delivered flyers but through ubiquitous Web pages. Communication among customers has developed from user groups that get together once a year to online communities where each day brings about a new criticism or opportunity. Straightforward supply chains held together with official procedure and business lore has been substituted by just-in-time inventories that purge both waste and expenditure from the whole system.

Nowhere have these changes made a bigger influence than on the role of the sales professional. Conventionally, sales representatives were the only point of contact as well as the all-knowing suppliers of product information. They transmitted that data back to the customer, vended some product, before returning to their employer with the purchase. From time to time, the representative would try to make sure that the purchase was satisfied and serviced properly. However, the major thing was to make the sale and move on.

With the launch of every new wave of technology into the place of work, that customary function has turned out to be less essential. These days, the customer can obtain product information further than the brochure level with just a small number of keystrokes, and devoid of having to sit throughout a sales lecture.

Actually, a buyer may well even be able to purchase the product of the sales representative directly from the World Wide Web, exclusive of any personal dealings or whatever. The World Wide Web has, in an extremely real meaning, has taken away the conventional function of the sales professional to the point that until fairly of late, a lot of business experts supposed the job class would just disappear into times gone by.

This has not happened. In its place, as the consequence of the intricacies of the fast changing technological atmosphere, selling has turned out to be more important than ever. This required sales representatives to educate themselves more about business acumen, and to continuously hone the different skills required in successful selling, including learning more about finance for non finance managers.

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