There will always be a need for qualified business sales leads. This is something that IT managed services providers like you will understand. In this highly competitive business environment in Singapore, you will need a way to get an edge over your competitors. To do that, you will need a little extra help from professional lead generation specialists. In most cases, outsourcing this is one of your best options rather doing it in-house. As IT professionals, you will also understand this necessity. Sales leads are pretty hard to find in Singapore, and the work involved can be really demanding on your time and effort, if you do this on your own. Better let others do it for you. But how can you be sure that your team will be able to perform at its best? If money or effort is your issue, then you can approach this through these simple tips:

1. Promote self-esteem – people who work hard work because this is their job. Others who work even hard do it because they feel good about the job, as well as themselves. This has a lot to do with building self-esteem. Even if you are focused more on IT services, you can provide your appointment setting team some incentives that can boost their self-esteem. Let them know that you appreciate their work, and that you can help them excel in their field.

2. Get rid of unnecessary details – another factor that you need to take into consideration is the number of tasks that your team has to perform. You need to make sure that only tasks that will result to getting more sales leads are being done. Unnecessary details about their job description should be scrapped immediately. This will not only reduce the load of your people, it will also make the job faster to perform.

3. Know what you need to simplify – sure, you may have an idea about what needs to be done in the lead generation campaign, but you are not in the front lines. To truly get what is needed, ask someone about it. For example, telemarketing may be used to get in touch with prospects, but it may be possible that a little email campaign is also needed to ensure that the correct information about your IT managed services is being relayed.

4. Help around the floor – you may be the head, but that does not mean you should stay aloof. Rather, take your campaign as an opportunity for you to work with the team. Stop by for an hour, ask the team leader what you can do to help, and do it seriously. Your people will appreciate that, and it can really speed things up on the floor. A little hands-on management is good for business.

5. Streamline all the requirements – once you give a task to your appointment setters, resist the temptation of adding a couple of more tasks for them to do. If you want to be sure that they will do the job right, make it a point to tell them exactly what you need. Once you give your expectations, do not add any more side jobs.

Follow these tips by heart, and your lead generation campaign in Singapore would be more successful.

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