Current affairs cover a large area of information. It can be a business deal or an article on the country with highest economy. It can be anything from a trivial matter to a massive event. However, we as human beings should pay focus to every current affair and learn. It will not only update us with mere facts and events, it will enlarge our vision; give us perspective of what others think of certain events or incidents. Current affairs destruct the lines of privacy and unfold even the most confidential information. Thy exposure available to us today was not accessible to the people of earlier decades. In earlier times, it was considered important enough to inform the general public of important decisions being made for the country. The aristocracy was the dominant power then, and only a handful of people knew about the most confidential information of the country and how to deal with it. But today, the scenario has changed; the general public requires an answer, for every deed done, every contract signed, and every war fought.

Our vision and perception to understand the world has become much broader and clearer. We are active participants in the on-going activities of the world. In a country like India, which is the biggest democratic country in the world, it is essential for its citizens to stay updated with the current affairs of India and the world. For example; We are given the power to vote, to choose our own government. It is a big decision to make. We have to choose the best party which would not only fulfill our personal needs but work for the betterment of the entire country. But how do we decide who is best for us, if we do not know what are the problems around us? Areas like politics, business, economy, play a major role in the growth of a country. If we do not know, which area our country lacks in, on what basis can be choose the minds to solve these problems? We need to be active participants in our country. India is a country which has much cultural diversity. But it gives equal opportunities to its citizens. We should make full use of the opportunity given to us and work for the betterment of our society.

Current affairs also make us more educated. In this world, textual knowledge is not enough. Every career field we enter into, recruits a candidate who is well aware of India, of the problems prevail and the areas that are growing.

Therefore, make it a point to read the newspapers daily or watch news channels. You should not confine yourself to specific areas, like economy affairs or business current affairs but gain information on every field. This would prove beneficial to you in life, and make you a more knowledgeable and intellectual being.

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